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John Deere announces new high-capacity X series combines

The X9 combines increase threshing capacity in all crop conditions while using less fuel

John Deere's X9 combine and C16F folding corn head can harvest up to 7,200 bushels per hour of high-yielding corn, the company says.

Two new models of John Deere combines will be rolling off the production line for the 2021 harvest season. The X9 1000 and X9 1100 combines were engineered to offer broadacre farmers greater efficiency, especially when threshing in dense crops like canola and tough wheat.

The X9 1100 boasts it can harvest up to 30 acres of tough, high-yielding wheat per hour or up to 7,200 bushels of high-yielding corn an hour.

“As conditions change, an X9 combine can make automatic adjustments for the operator, so it consistently operates at peak levels,” says Matt Badding, harvesting product manager for John Deere.

“For example, in the morning, straw can be damp and make threshing and separating tough. By midday, the moisture evaporates and harvesting conditions improve. In the past, these changes required operators to adjust combine settings to help the machine compensate. Now, the adjustments are made automatically.”

The increased harvest capacity stems from a few key components on the new X9 combines. A wider feederhouse is able to feed dense crops, while also accommodating the new, and larger, series of headers.

“At the heart of the new combine is the X Series Dual Separator (XDS) with the largest threshing and sepa-ation areas Deere has ever offered. Crop in the XDS is threshed and separated during nine revolutions, resulting in less grain loss and increased harvesting capacity,” Badding says.

Automatically adjusting concaves use hydraulic pressure to better match the conditions of the crop flowing through the threshing system, while four fans provide a more consistent air flow through the shoe.

A 75-square-foot cleaning shoe is 36 per cent larger than that of the S790. “It can harvest thin, dry crop and thick, wet crop, and everything in between, putting more high-quality grain in the tank pass after pass. Even if conditions change, grain quality remains high,” Bad-ding says.

Clean grain is monitored by a camera system coupled with the loss monitor, which is automatically able to detect unwanted features in threshed grain. The system will automatically make changes to the separator until the desired grain sample is achieved, while optimizing the combine’s performance and efficiency.

Foldable unloading augers available in sizes up to 31 feet, unload the 420-bushel hopper on the X9 1000 and the 460-bushel hopper on the X9 1100 at a rate of roughly five bushels per second. To properly fill every bit of space on the grain cart, the augers have adjustable end spouts. Load cells built into the base of the grain tank will monitor yield more accurately.

The improved residue management system can produce finer cut straw and spread it more evenly, up to 50 feet, while using less horsepower from the motor compared with previous models.

Not only did capacity go into the design of the X9, but efficiency has also been considered. A more robust belt drive and updated transmission connected to a new 13.6-litre engine offer up to 20 per cent better fuel efficiency per bushel of crop harvested than the S790. This means the combine will be able to harvest 14 hours on a single tank of fuel.

For the long hours spent during harvest, the X9 has a bigger cab with more storage space, more USB outlets and more connectivity, which gives it a more automotive-like experience. An optional touch screen satellite radio that is smartphone-ready can be added to give the operator the ability to send and receive texts, play music, get directions and make phone calls while using the system’s integrated controls or voice command.

Three different comfort and convenience packages are available on the X9. The highest level includes a 16-degree left and right swivelling seat with heating, cooling and a massage feature built right in.

Three technology packages are also available from the factory. Basic packages include an integrated John Deere 6000 receiver and a 4600 display, with Harvest Smart and interactive combine adjustment software. Medium packages build on this by adding more guidance systems, section control and in-field data sharing.

The highest-level package builds on the first two by adding more data sharing capabilities as well as machine automation and camera functionality. Both the X9 series combines have remote dealer and service support capabilities, and can share valuable harvest data to John Deere’s cloud-based storage system. From the cloud, farmers can share information with their crop advisors and agronomists.

Orders for the X9 1000 and X9 1100 can be placed later this summer for the 2021 harvest season.


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