Pesticide Update 2009

Here are new products and label changes from the past 12 months. Companies are listed in alphabetical order.


Deploy. Deploy is a higher concentration of the same Group 2 active ingredients found in the popular Refine line of products. It will control 21 broadleaf weeds, has 18 tank mix options, no recropping restrictions the following year and offers a two to flag leaf window of application.

One bottle of Deploy dry flow-able granules is enough to treat 60 acres at the eight gram per acre rate.

Deploy is the first broadleaf product offered by Arysta LifeScience and will provide growers wanting proven SU chemistry with another choice in the marketplace.

Pre-Pare. Arysta Life Science has applied to PMRA for the registration of the pre-plant herbicide Pre-Pare. Pre-Pare offers growers enhanced control of existing grassy and broadleaf weeds when tank mixed with glyphosate, as well as controlling volunteer Roundup Ready canola in a burndown application. Pre-Pare also provides residual activity against some grassy and broadleaf weeds. Pre-Pare is already registered in the U. S. A.


Tensile. This new Clearfield canola herbicide gives growers improved wild buckwheat control and rotational freedom in follow crops. Tensile also controls many broadleaf and grassy weeds, including cow cockle, green smartweed, lamb’s quarters, redroot pigweed, shepherd’s purse, stink weed, volunteer canola, wild mustard, barnyard grass, green and yellow foxtail, Persian darnel, volunteer cereals, wild oats, and provides suppression of Japanese brome, cleavers, and kochia.

Tensile is registered for use in all soil zones and gives Clearfield canola growers the ability to seed any type of canola, canary seed, field peas, flax, durum, oats, spring wheat and barley the following year.

TwinLine. This new cereal fungicide controls aggressive wheat diseases, including stripe rust. Twinline has two active ingredients with one being pyraclostrobin, the same active as in Headline. Two modes of action enable Twinline to control multiple diseases, which results in plant health benefits and higher yields.

Twinline is labelled for use in wheat, barley, oats, rye and triticale. It is to be applied immediately after flag leaf emergence.

Viper. Viper is a new prepackaged herbicide combination for weed control in field peas. A 40-acre case of Viper contains the liquid Basagran Forte (Group 6) and Solo (group 2). This combination gives pea growers the opportunity to control resistant biotypes of wild mustard, volunteer canola including Clearfield canola, volunteer lentils including Clearfield lentils, and it provides strong activity on resistant biotypes of kochia.

Other weeds controlled include cow cockle, green smartweed, lamb’s quarters, redroot pigweed, shepherd’s purse, stink weed, wild mustard, barnyard grass, green and yellow foxtail, Persian darnel, volunteer cereals, wild oats, and it provides suppression of Japanese brome, cleavers, and kochia.

Viper must be tank mixed with ammonium sulphate. Two cases of BASF 28 per cent UAN must be added with each case of Viper. Application must be made with a minimum 10 litres of water per acre.

There will be a limited supply of Viper available in 2009.


Velocity M3. This new formulation of three active ingredients provides exceptional grass and broadleaf weed control in spring and durum wheat. Each jug of Velocity M3 contains pyrasulfotole (the new Group 27 in Infinity), bromoxynil (Group 6) and a brand new Group 2 active, triencarbazone-methyl. The three modes of action provide one pass broad spectrum weed control.

Velocity M3 controls and suppresses over 20 of western Canada’s toughest grassy and broadleaf weeds including wild oats, green foxtail, barnyard grass, cleavers, wild buckwheat, kochia, volunteer canola, stinkweed, hemp-nettle, and chickweed. Velocity M3 has a wide window of application (one to six leaf, maximum three tillers in grassy weeds and seedling to six-leaf stage in broadleaf weeds). It offers exceptional recropping flexibility, allowing growers to plant spring and durum wheat, barley, oats, canary seed, canola, flax, peas, soybeans, alfalfa, and field corn the following year after application.

Velocity M3 can be ground applied with five gallons per acre of water and is also labelled for aerial application with three gallons of water per acre. It is rainfast one hour after application.

Infinity. Axial and Achieve have been added as tank mix partners, giving growers more options for grassy weed control when using Infinity. Control of common ragweed and suppression of round-leaved mallow has also been added to the Infinity label.


Simplicity. Dow AgroSciences has made application to PMRA for additions to the Simplicity label. Label changes applied for include:

Addition of winter wheat to the label for either spring or fall application for all listed weeds as well as control of Japanese brome, and control of downy brome with fall application and suppression of downy brome with spring application.

Control of barnyard grass in spring and durum wheat.

Four new tank mix partners: Attain (at the 53 acre per case rate), Benchmark, Curtail M and Thumper.

New product. Dow AgroSciences also anticipates registration of a new Group 2 and 4 broadleaf herbicide, which will control a wide range of tough broadleaf weeds and will be an excellent tool for weed resistance management.

It is important to note these label changes and the new broadleaf product are still waiting for regulatory approval.


DuPont has a number of label changes for 2009.

Harmony SG. The graminicide product in this prepack now is preformulated with the active and adjuvant in the same jug.

Express SG. It can now be tank mixed with any glyphosate.

Refine M. Control of dandelion (spring or fall rosettes, less than 15 cm in diameter) is now on the label. Refine M no longer requires the addition of surfactant when used alone. Refine M is now registered for aerial application.

Assure II is now registered for aerial application.

Harmony K will control wild buckwheat up to the five-leaf stage. It is also registered for control of dandelion (spring or fall rosettes, less than 15 cm in diameter.)

Triton C is now registered for control of round-leaved mallow (two to six leaf). It can also be tank mixed with Axial for one-pass control. The sulfonylurea component is now the Solumax soluble granulation formulation, so it can be packaged in one small convenient jug.

Triton K can be tank-mixed with Everest for wild oat and green foxtail control in spring wheat or with Puma Super for green foxtail control in spring wheat and barley.

PrecisionPac. A major innovation in the herbicide market in 2009 is the commercialization of DuPont’s PrecisionPak system. PrecisionPak allows growers to custom tailor a herbicide for the size of field or tank and the weed spectrum to be controlled. Up to six active ingredients can be automatically metered to meet the exact needs of a grower. Not only does the grower get the best combination of herbicides to control the weeds in the field, but there is no leftover product to deal with, no tank mixing, and less cleanup of empty containers.

DuPont will have about 100 PrecisionPak machines in western Canada this spring.

Express PRO. This new herbicide blend is specially formulated for tank mixing with glyphosate for pre-seed burn-down applications in Western Canada. It can be used prior to seeding spring wheat, durum, and winter wheat, and spring barley. It can also be used post harvest provided the follow crop is any of the forementioned crops. It can also be used in chemfallow operations.

Express Pro has two Group 2 active ingredients, which provide up to 15 days of extended control of key broadleaf weeds including dandelion, narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard, all types of volunteer canola, and cleavers when tank mixed with glyphosate.


Silencer. With the same active ingredient as found in Matador, Silencer insecticide controls a wide spectrum of insects in cereal, oilseeds, and pulse crops. Some of the insects Silencer is registered to control include grasshoppers, diamondback moth larvae, bertha armyworms, lygus bugs, soybean aphids and flea beetles.

Silencer is tank mixable with Horizon and Achieve herbicides and Tilt fungicide.


Titanium. This is a preformulation of three products: Achieve Liquid grass herbicide, Approve broadleaf herbicide and Turbocharge adjuvant. Titanium provides growers with the option for one-pass full spectrum wed control using a single product.

Titanium is only available in 900-acre bulk packaging and is only registered for use in the brown soil zone. It is intended for large acreage growers in the brown soil zone wanting an easy to handle herbicide option for use in both wheat and barley.

Credit 45. This is a more concentrated formulation of the glyphosate product Credit. Credit 45 is registered for use in Roundup Ready crops as well as for pre-seeding burndown, pre-harvest, and post-harvest applications. Nufarm provides a 60 minute rainfast guarantee and Credit 45 is covered by the Nufarm Service Promise. It will be available in standard cases and 450-litre totes.


Horizon NG. This new premix combines the active ingredient found in Horizon 240EC with Score adjuvant. One jug of Horizon NG is all you need to treat 40 acres. Horizon NG will also be available in 320-acre bulk containers. Horizon NG controls the same weed spectrum and offers the same benefits as Horizon 240 EC, including over 30 registered tank mixes. Additionally, Horizon NG is registered for aerial application.

Nova Pod. Growers purchasing Horizon NG in 2009 will also benefit from new packaging — the Nova Pod. Rather than the traditional single handle on a jug, Nova Pod has two handles making it easier to lift, carry, stack and store. The Nova Pod also allows for the elimination of cardboard box packaging. There is also designated spike zone, which will simplify spiking of the container on a chem handler.

Growers choosing Horizon NG in the Nova Pod will have fewer jugs to handle, spend less time rinsing and disposing of jugs, and there is no cardboard left to dispose of.

Broadband. The active ingredients found in two popular herbicides, Axial (pinoxaden) and Frontline (florasulam), are available in a preformulation called Broadband. It provides the grassy weed control of Axial with the broadleaf control of Frontline without the need to purchase and tank mix these two products. This saves the grower time and offers convenience in purchasing and application.

Broadband can be applied to both spring wheat and barley. It will be available in 40-acre jugs, and 320-acre bulk containers.

Gerald Pilger farms near Ohaton, Alta.

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