Equinox herbicide OK in canola crops

A Group 1 herbicide just coming into wide release this year has picked up federal approval for use in canola crops.

BASF Canada’s tepraloxydim herbicide Equinox, which was available only in “limited quantities” in 2007, will give canola growers an “additional opportunity to benefit from an extremely flexible and economical grassy weed control program,” brand manager Chris Vander Kant said in a release Monday.

The company announced in January that it would make the new product widely available this season. Its original label covered its use in pea, flax and lentil crops.

Equinox, a post-emergent dicot graminicide, is meant to control grassy weeds including green foxtail, wild oats and volunteer barley at the 40- or 60-acre per case rate at the one- to six-true-leaf stage, up to two tillers, BASF said.

The product also controls quackgrass at the 32-acre per case rate when applied at the three- to six-true-leaf stage, the company said.

Equinox is marketed in 3.24-litre jugs, each packaged with an 8.1-litre jug of BASF’s adjuvant Merge.

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