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Bacteria-based pulse fungicide approved

California pesticide firm AgraQuest says it’s picked up Canadian approval for use of its “biofungicide” Serenade ASO on pulse crops such as peas, lentils and beans and a “variety” of others.

The company, in a recent announcement, said its liquid product is based on a naturally-occurring bacterium, Bacillus subtilis.

“It provides growers an effective tool against a number of common diseases found in Canada,” said AgraQuest vice-president Chris Coombs in a release.

The product will be available “immediately” through UAP Canada, the ag retail and distribution company now owned by fertilizer firm Agrium.

“Its unique, multisite mode of action makes it highly effective against target diseases and places it in a fungicide group of its own, helping growers manage resistance,” said UAP Canada marketing manager Garth Render in a release.

“As a biological product, it has a strong worker safety profile, with a zero-day pre-harvest interval and a four-hour restricted entry interval providing minimal interruption following sprays.”

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