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I could see lots of the worms crawling around next to an armyworm that I also observed on the plant.

Crop advisor casebook: Can you identify the worms in this barley?

A Crop Advisor's Solution from the January 7, 2020 issue of Grainews

Like most farmers, Tom has dealt with his share of insect pests. He’s encountered many different pests at his 6,000-acre mixed grain operation near Wadena, Sask., over the years, but this past August he came across a new insect that had him stumped. Tom called me in early August to say he’d been out inspecting […] Read more

Some plants appeared to be further along than others, but these plants were contained within strips that ran in straight lines down the entire length of the field rather than in random patches.

Crop Advisor’s Casebook: Inconsistent wheat development

A Crop Advisor's Solution from the February 24, 2015 issue of Grainews

During the last week of August, I was crop scouting for Gerald, who farms 6,000 acres of wheat, barley, oats and canola just north of Wadena, Sask. I was recording the severity of fusarium head blight in one of Gerald’s wheat fields when I noticed something unusual. It was well into the growing season and […] Read more


In the early days of July, I received a phone call from John, a farmer with 3,000 acres of wheat and canola near Wadena, Sask. John had sprayed his five canola fields with glyphosate in early June, but within two weeks he noticed that some weeds were still thriving and many were beginning to grow […] Read more