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Patrick Fabian believes that using liquid fertilizer lets him take fertility management to the next level.

Liquid fertilizer and melting urea

Patrick Fabian found a new way to stretch his fertilizer dollar further
 and take his fertility management to the next level

Every so often, while we’re trying to solve one problem, we stumble across something else that turns out to be a huge benefit to a bigger picture issue. That was my experience with liquid fertilizer and melting urea. My seeding equipment consists of a 30-foot set of John Deere 9450 hoe drills. Up to this […] Read more

Soybeans are in Southern Alberta to stay

Soybeans are still the new kid on the block in southern Alberta. 
Here are nine reasons why they’re not going away

Farmers are constantly looking for different ways to improve their bottom lines. When a new crop comes along, they look to see if it will work in their operation. Many factors come into play when evaluating a new crop: adaptability to your growing area, learning curve required, specialized equipment needed, potential marketing issues and more. […] Read more

Soybeans In Southern Alberta

Over the past four years we have been raising soybeans on our farm in Tilley, Alta. This article chronicles our experiences along the way and where we see the crop going for our area in the future. In 2006, we started experimenting with soybeans to see if they would work in our climate. Our farm […] Read more