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Manage residue to enhance no-till

Using vertical tillage tools with a no-till system can warm up the soil 
and unlock fertility in lower levels, increasing yield potential

No-till seeding has become a tried and true system of planting crops over a wide area of Canada and the U.S. No-till systems have evolved tremendously over the past 20 to 25 years and that evolution continues today. The next challenge will be to push beyond a yield plateau that many no-tillers have experienced in […] Read more

Seeding canola at low rates

Some canola growers are thinking about seeding rates in terms 
of plants per acre rather than pounds of seed per acre

Successfully seeding and establishing hybrid canola can be achieved at lower seeding rates by carefully selecting the canola variety, choosing the right equipment, and paying attention to machinery settings and operation. Other steps to successful canola seeding are: Targeting final plant stands according to seed size. Handling the canola in the most efficient and gentle […] Read more