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IH Crawlers in Canada, Part 2

Post-Second World War, demand for small crawlers grew in Canada

In an earlier Grainews article I shared a bit of the early history of International Harvester crawler tractors in Western Canada. I looked at their evolution during the ’30s until after the Second World War, that was when improvements in wheel tractor design nearly spelled the end of crawlers for farm power. Fortunately, a new […] Read more

PHOTOS: International Harvester crawler history, Part 1

Former IH employee looks back at the development of crawlers

The period after the First World War, I saw an explosion in farm tractor innovation. International Harvester engineers were aware of the work being done by Holt and others in the design of track laying tractors; and as a result they experimented with new versions of the eight to 16 wheel tractors, including one with […] Read more

The era of the pull-type combine: Part 2

A look at how the pull-type design evolved and production eventually ended

In the first part of the pull-type combine story in the January 23, 2018, issue of Grainews we looked at some of the earliest commercial offerings. Now, we pick up the story from World War II until last production in 1991. The war created a serious shortage of farm manpower, which accelerated the demand for […] Read more

The era of pull-type combines: Part 1

Grainews looks back at the evolution of today's combine, from 1886 to 1991

In the beginning the harvester thresher or combine as it came to be known was strictly “pull type” — and pulling was hard. It’s generally believed the Holt Company of Stockton, California, sold the first commercial combine in North America in 1886. It was a 14-foot cut, ground drive machine pulled by up to 14 […] Read more

The International Harvester 4300

A company insider’s memories of introducing this unique machine to the Prairies

In the late 1950s the farm tractor horsepower race was really starting to heat up. International Harvester had just introduced its New World of Power machines — a line up of new, modern, high speed tractors moving away from the old fashioned, the-heavier-the-better concept into more efficient engines, hydraulics and transmissions. At the same time, […] Read more