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Seeing the Agritechnica sights

Grainews readers will certainly have heard us talk about this November’s Agritechnica machinery show in Hannover Germany. We’ve been covering the event since 2007, and this year we even arranged to round up a bunch of our readers and bring them along with us as we made our way across the Atlantic. Both Leeann Minogue and I chaperoned the group, which was made up mostly of farmers.

 Arriving in Germany a few days ahead of the show, we started off by taking in the sights of historic old Heidelberg with the help of a local expert on the history of the place. From there it was on to Kassel and then, finally, Hannover for the big event.


Before arriving there, though, we arranged to get the group in for a behind-the-scenes look at the DLG test centre, which is Germany’s equivalent of the Nebraska Tractor Test lab. But the DLG does a broader range of testing than its American cousin. With cooperation through the OECD group of countries, some tractor test reports released by the Nebraska Lab are actually reprints of tests done here in Germany.

 When we all finally arrived at the Hannover show grounds, I had to part company with the group and start looking for what’s new and interesting so I could create articles on those things and arrange to get them into the pages of upcoming issues of Grainews.

 Fortunately, due to Leeann’s skillful shepherding, we hadn’t lost anyone, and I’m fully confident she and the group can easily press on without me. Leeann and the group spent two days here at the show and then left to see a few other sights before heading their final stop in Berlin.

 After teaming up with Spencer Meyers, who has joined our editorial team to create content for the Ag Dealer website our publisher owns, the two of us took to the show halls to seek out the most interesting machines. Although as the lead-off image in this piece suggests, interesting sights went well beyond the machines. And thats’ not surprising, This is Agritechnica after all. There just isn’t any other machinery show like it that I know of. And that image is just one small example of why.


Both Spencer and I are still filming interviewing and taking pictures that will appear in print issues of Grainews and Country Guide along with their online websites. So far we’ve looked at cutting edge machines and components and managed to sit down with at least three very senior brand executives to get their take on where not only their companies but the industry in general is going. You won’t want to miss hearing what they had to say or see some of the great machines we saw—and we’re not done yet. There’s bound to be more to find here.

 Be sure to keep an eye on the future pages of Grainews and Country Guide in the coming months. Oh yeah, and of course the new Ag Dealer website when it launches soon.



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Scott Garvey

Scott Garvey is a freelance writer and video producer. He is also the former machinery editor at Grainews.



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