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If you follow along on this blog, you may have noticed I haven’t posted a new entry in a couple of weeks. Sorry about that.

Officially, I’m on holiday. Our editorial director emailed me a couple of weeks ago to tell me I had two weeks of unused leave to burn off before the end of the year. So I’ve taken a break from my desk to indulge in intellectually stimulating endeavours, such as veg’ing out on the sofa watching afternoon movies like “Abbot and Costello Meet the Mummy”. (My wife will be happy when I’m back in my office and she can control the TV remote.) But aside from that, I’ve also been out of the office a fair bit in the previous month.

To try and take advantage of the nice weather while it lasts, online editor Greg Berg and I have made a couple of trips out into the countryside to shoot some video footage before the snow falls. We’ve been checking names off a list of interesting people we wanted to visit.

We went to one farm because the owners had an unusual farm fleet, which consisted of a dozen 90 Series Case tractors. Yup, a dozen. It isn’t unusual to find an older tractor or two on most farms, but in this case the sheer number of them all in one place practically demanded a visit from Grainews.

Even with that many tractors, the entire investment cost for all of them was still lower than a comparable brand new machine. So they represent an entirely different machinery strategy than most farmers use today. We’ll have not only a video online profiling them soon, but there will also be a feature in the print issue of Grainews later this fall. So watch for that.

On that trip, Greg and I kept our eyes open for interesting machines as we drove down some unfamiliar roads, and we ended up making a couple of stops. In both cases it was remarkable how open people were when we stopped in, unannounced. We really appreciated that. It makes our job much easier.

Also during that trip we noticed a combine working in the field finishing up some soybeans. We pulled into the field to get some video footage. Even though he was busy, the owner took time to speak to us, and we were invited to make a couple of rounds in the combine cab. It doesn’t get friendlier than that.

We will still have the video cameras rolling in the coming weeks as we have some great machinery reviews planned. Hopefully, the snow will stay away long enough for us to stay warm doing them. So be sure to watch the website for those videos as they come online. And, of course, there will be companion print articles in the print issue of Grainews.

For now, I have to go. There’s an old Don Knotts movie about to start. Where are the potato chips?





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Scott Garvey

Scott Garvey is a freelance writer and video producer. He is also the former machinery editor at Grainews.



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