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It’s alive!

The old engine now turns over and to my surprise has good compression. It's Alive!

As thunder crashed and lightning flashed, Dr. Frankenstein shouted those immortal words, “It’s alive!”. Who could forget that classic scene in the old movie?

Exactly the same thing happened in my laboratory (ok, workshop) this week. I animated the dead—sort of. As lightning flashed around me, I yelled from the workshop roof on Halloween, “It’s alive!”.(Some writer’s embellishment there.) Here’s what actually happened.

(Read this with the song Monster Mash in mind.)

I was working in the lab late one night (ok, ok workshop), when my eyes beheld an eerie sight.

The job of restarting the old, seized engine from by vehicle restoration project was full of fright.

I worked with oil and lubricant late into the night,

Then suddenly, to my surprise, the pistons inside began to rise.

The gears inside began to mesh, they did the mesh,

They did the monster mesh,

It was a workshop smash,

From my laboratory in the workshop east,

To the workshop office where the parts bill feast (on my bank account),

The ghouls all came from their humble abodes

To watch the spark plugs get a jolt from my electrodes,

They watched the mesh, they watched the monster gears mesh,

The zombies were having fun, the engine-start party had just begun,

The scene was rocking, all were digging the sounds of the starter whirring the flywheel around,

The camshaft turned pushing the valves up and down,

The crankshaft spun around and around,

A sound as soothing as Igor with his baying hounds,

Now, it can mesh, yes the gears will mesh,

They’ll do the mesh, they’ll do the monster mesh,

Inside the heads, the cylinders have compression,

Which should serve to all as an important lesson,

Sometimes an old engine into a coffin must go,

But this one will soon be going down the road,

Now, it can mesh, it does the monster mesh,

The monster mesh, it’s workshop thrill,

Now eveyrthing’s cool, there’ll be no machine shop bills

The engine will run rather than sitting still,

‘Cause it can mesh, on Halloween it did the moster mesh!

Mesh Good!


I feel strange tonight. Is it a full moon?


About the author


Scott Garvey

Scott Garvey is a freelance writer and video producer. He is also the former machinery editor at Grainews.



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