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Come with us to Agritechnica

This picture taken during the 2009 show made the cover of Grainews

When I attended my first Agritechnica in 2009, I happened to be at the New Holland display’s official product introduction at exactly the right time. In typical Agritechnica fashion, the launch was an extraordinary display. Events at this show make Canadian and U.S. events seem pretty dull by comparison.

On that day, NH had a troupe of dancing girls come out wearing costumes that would put Vegas showgirls to shame. With my trusty camera at the ready, I came home

Mechanics tore down and reassembled an entire tractor during the 2013 show

with an ample selection of images of that memorable event. Then-editor Jay Whetter made the decision to put one of those shots on the cover of Grainews. So I think I can safely claim to be the only one to ever source dancing girl images for the Grainews cover page (or any page of it, for that matter).

It also took some explaining to convince my wife I was really at a machinery show when she happened to notice the images on my computer.


Many displays, like this one with a sprayer mounted on the wall are pretty unique

In case you really don’t know what Agritechnica ( is, it’s the world’s largest farm machinery show, and it’s held almost entirely indoors. It runs every second November on the fairgrounds in Hannover Germany, a city that calls itself “the city of fairs”. The fairgrounds, or “messe” in German, have almost 30 massive buildings that house the 2,900-plus exhibits.

I like to compare Agritechnica to the Detroit Auto Show—or the North

There are also a lot of machines on display that aren't common on North American farms.

American International Auto Show as it’s called now. Not only do you get to see what’s on dealers’ lots today, but many manufacturers also give you a look at what’s coming down the pike. There are lots of concept vehicles on display.

And if you want a beer and bratwurst for lunch, there are more than a few vendors that will supply you with all you can eat and drink.

The show really has an international perspective. It’s geared to cater to

This eight-wheel drive Deutz-Fahr prototype never did see production, but it's an example of the interesting concept machines displayed only at this show.

people from literally all over the globe. Stop into the International Visitors’ Lounge on the grounds and the staff will serve you a free coffee or cold drink and let you link to Wi-Fi. That’s just a sample of the kind of hospitality you can expect there. For anyone with an interest in farm machinery, Agritechnica is a must-see event, at least once in a lifetime.

With that thought in mind, we decided to help all our readers get there. This year Grainews is putting together a tour group. We’re going to give you the benefit of our experience going to the show and our

Many Canadian companies put in an appearance at the show as well, forming part of a couple of Canadian pavilions.

general knowledge of the country. We’re also partnering with some local guides to help us show you some typical tourist sites as well. After all if you’re going all that way, you might as well take in a few of the country’s other sights too.

Don’t speak German? No problem. Most of the people you’ll be meeting will speak at least some English. It’s a common second language in Europe.

If you think you’d like to join us, here is a link to the details to let you see exactly what we’ll be up to: .

If you want more information, feel free to email me at [email protected] or editor Leeann Minogue at [email protected] . We’ll both be with you on the trip.

Even though the Agritechnica doors won’t open until November, we need you to confirm you’ll be joining our group by mid June. So get in touch with the travel agency doing the bookings and confirm your spot as soon as you can.



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Scott Garvey is a freelance writer and video producer. He is also the former machinery editor at Grainews.


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