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An ordinary air line fitted with a glad hand at one end can connect to the emergency/supply line of a truck equipped

Air line uses truck compressor

A glad hand connector on an air hose brings compressed air to the field

Having a source of compressed air in the field can be a pretty handy tool. But carting around a shop air compressor isn’t exactly easy, unless you have one permanently mounted in a service truck. For many farms, however, there is almost always an air compressor in the field. During seeding, spraying and harvest, the […] Read more

Even if OEM parts are no longer available, it’s possible to repair or rebuild a fuel gauge system in older machines with generic, off-the-shelf parts.

How to repair a faulty fuel gauge

Shop Class: Repairing or replacing a fuel level gauge system on older machines

One fault owners can almost certainly expect to develop on older machines and trucks is a fuel level gauge that eventually stops working. Repairing that problem isn’t too difficult, even if OEM replacement parts are no longer available. There are plenty of aftermarket components that can do the job. However, even though all fuel gauge […] Read more

The bushings slid into place in these leaf springs easily without damage.

Cool it: cold temps for a smooth fit

How to use extreme changes in temperature to ease parts installation in your shop

A variety of parts on ag equipment and vehicles are designed to have a friction or interference fit, which means components fit together so tightly they maintain their position relative to each other without any kind of fastener holding them in place. Bearing races, for example, remain fixed tightly in a housing this way. It’s […] Read more

Carburetors can be complicated, but careful attention to detail during disassembly and a methodical approach can make rebuilding one a straightforward job.

How to overhaul your own carburetor

In this instalment of Shop Class, we get back to the basics of carburetors

In the mid 1980s, carburetors quickly gave way to fuel injection systems in new cars and trucks. But it’s likely there are still a few carbureted engines on machines in nearly every Prairie farmyard. That handy ATV and small grain auger engine are probably two places they can be found. And, of course, there is […] Read more