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Seed Hawk replaces its metering system

The new Fenix III meter addresses performance issues in the previous design

Seed Hawk’s new metering system, the Fenix III, replaces the previous design that was introduced in 2014.

Back in 2014 Saskatchewan-based Seed Hawk used the Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina to introduce an entirely new seed metering system for its air carts. Control of the then-new modular, meters beneath the cart tanks moved to a wireless system called iCon, away from the Raven controller the company had been using.

That metering system represented a major change in technology for the brand. But in the past two seasons some farmers experienced problems with the meters when seeding certain products. At this year’s Canada’s Farm Progress show, the brand announced it had redesigned that metering system to address those issues.

The result of that redesign is the new Fenix III metering system, which has undergone field trials in Europe through Seed Hawk’s parent company Väderstad.

“We experienced a few problems with the metering system we introduced a couple of years ago,” explains Peter Clarke, Seed Hawk president and CEO. “This update addresses all the issues our farmers identified in the spring of 2015 and 2016.”

To prevent dust and fines from getting into the drive motors, which caused trouble in the previous system, they have now been moved outside of the housing body and have a quick attach system that allows for easy and fast in-field changes.

The new, more powerful electric drive motors are now attached to the outside of the meter housing to prevent contamination problems.
The new, more powerful electric drive motors are now attached to the outside of the meter housing to prevent contamination problems. photo: Scott Garvey

“This is a larger motor than we had on our iCon system previously,” says Clarke. “This is a 40 watt motor versus our 10 watt system. It sits outside the meter housing, so it addresses issues of contamination that we faced over the past few springs.”

To accommodate moving the electric motors, the meter housing, itself, needed a redesign. Engineers used that opportunity to make some improvements to the flow of product through them as well. The company claims higher rates of product can now flow more easily through the meter body compared to the 2014 design.

“The roller, itself, has changed in terms of material type,” he adds. “It’s a polyurethane product. And the shape and design of the roller actually works seamlessly with the meter housing to improve product flow.”

For growers who purchased air carts in the last two years and have experienced trouble with the previous metering system, they will be able to change over to the new Fenix III system.

“The Fenix III system is retrofittable to all iCon systems that are on the market today,” says Clarke. “And our plan is to release this into our new 2017 model year beginning production in the fall. And the entire system works better than we’ve ever had before.”

For a video look at the new Fenix III metering system and an explanation of its design from company president and CEO Peter Clarke, visit e-QuipTV.

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