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John Deere 5R tractors get upgrades for 2019

Green utility segment tractors continue to see more high-end options

The features available in John Deere’s model year 2019 5R Series tractors put them on par with the brand’s larger models when it comes to high-end options.

Since John Deere introduced the 5 Series family of tractors several years ago, the number of available models has grown substantially, along with their options range and available level of sophistication. That’s no surprise. This horsepower class is the biggest seller in North America for most brands, and Deere has populated its line with tractors that can appeal to all segments of that diverse market.

For model year 2019, the range of options for the 5R tractors gets stretched again. “The updates put features and options typically found in larger tractors into a premium utility tractor that livestock, hay and small-acreage producers can use,” reads Deere’s announcement.

The four models: 5090R, 5100R, 5115R and 5125R, which span the 90- to 125-engine horsepower range, will now be available with a list of options that includes a factory-installed integrated AutoTrac auto guidance system and JDLink telematics setup. The tractors will come fitted out with Deere’s 4240 in-cab display and StarFire 6000 GPS receiver. This is the first time those options have been made available in the 5 Series.

The new high-end options list doesn’t end there. Buyers can fit out their machine with a suspended front axle, variable-ratio steering, reconfigurable joystick, new front hitch and PTO. And model year 2019 tractors will be able to interact with digitally with a wide range of implements across brands, thanks to the ISOBUS compatibility now built into them.

5R tractors are now available with suspended front axles. photo: John Deere

“These updates and new features improve tractor manoeuvrability, minimize costs, improve visibility from the cab and enhance operator comfort,” said John Doyle, product marketing manager for John Deere.

The 5Rs stand on a short 2.25 metre (7.4 foot) wheelbase. Combine that with a 60-degree front wheel turn angle and the tractors can do an about face within a 3.69 metre (12.1 foot) radius. And the variable ratio steering feature decreases the number of steering wheel turns by 50 per cent needed to get to that maximum turn angle.

“Turns are eight per cent tighter than the next closest competitor and four inches shorter than the 5M. This provides an extra 17 degrees of steering angle,” Doyle said.

When it comes to the cab, there have been some significant upgrades there too. The “Panorama” cab offers better upward visibility to make loader work easier. And many of the interior features found on larger Deere tractors will make their way down to the 5R as well. The CommandArm — adopted from the big brother 7R Series — is now available in a 5R cab. It provides a more ergonomic control layout with systems such as electro-hydraulic SCV controls.

Another convenience feature is a reconfigurable joystick, which allows operators to switch the function of the loader joystick from controlling the mid SCVs to the rear SCVs.

The “Panorama” cab available on 5R models can be equipped with the same CommandArm control layout found in the bigger 7R tractors. photo: John Deere

“It’s easy to switch from controlling the loader to controlling the hydraulic functions of an implement. For example, opening and closing the gate on a baler,” Doyle said.

Essentially, Deere has created a compact tractor with all the conveniences available in its high-horsepower machines. And it thinks those producers who use them as field tractors will appreciate their new capabilities.

“Livestock and hay producers will notice how nimble these machines are, especially when working in small fields or other confined spaces where manoeuvrability is important,” said Doyle.

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