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Big and small baler in one machine

Krone’s MultiBale technology gives producers a new option for handling hay

In October Krone announced it was adding another model to its BiG Pack baler line, the 870 High Speed (HS) HDP. It’s the newest large square baler from the family-owned, German company, which has been producing haying equipment since 1906 and selling into the North American market since 1973.

The 870 HS HDP, however, isn’t your average large square baler. It uses the brand’s MultiBale technology, producing 2’7″ x 2’3″ bales with the ability to tie up to eight small individual bales within one large bale.

Krone says the advantage of this model is it offers the capacity and efficiency of a large square baler, and at the same time it is a machine that could replace conventional small square balers. Just cut the three twines holding the large bale together and you can end up with eight pre-tied small bales. The smaller bales within the large one weigh about 80 to 90 pounds each in an alfalfa crop, depending on how you set the baler up. So they can then be manually handled like regular small bales.

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The MultiBale concept also offers producers an easier way to bring in small bales from the field, by making them part of a single, large bale.

“The BiG Pack 870 HS HDP is an extremely versatile baler,” said Cliff Addison, Krone product development manager, in a press release. “It combines a high density, 3′ x 2′ large bale with the MultiBale function. This allows the operator the flexibility to choose to tie either one large bale, or up to eight small MultiBales within one large square bale.”

The company claims this baler achieves up to 25 per cent higher bale density with its HDP technology compared to some standard large square balers. So that saves time and effort transporting and allows more hay to be stored in a smaller space.

The BiG Pack 870 HS HDP uses Krone’s double knotter technology. Equipped with a total of five double knotters, two are used to tie individual small bales and the additional three knotters tie the “MultiBales” into one large bale. When the MultiBale function is turned off, all five knotters work together to create a standard large square bale.

The BiG Pack 870 HS HDP features Krone’s active pick-up technology, the variable filling system, and an integrated bale weighing system.

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