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How did your father influence your beliefs and attitudes about your farm career?

The father factor in farming

How is Dad’s style of relating affecting your decision-making on the farm?

“Your father’s particular parenting style is the template that forms the father factor in your career… If your father has died, that doesn’t mean that the feelings from the relationship are dead.” — Dr. Stephan B. Poulter, author of The Father Factor: How Your Father’s Legacy Impacts Your Career Poulter believes that we learn from […] Read more

My sister really likes your work

On accepting a compliment, and never making decisions in the winter

“My sister really likes your articles. She sent me one the other day.” He had one end of a heavy wardrobe and I had the other. We were helping a friend move. The piece of furniture we were tasked to relocate had been mistakenly placed upstairs during the frenzy. It needed to be downstairs, which, […] Read more

Keeping busy on and off the farm

Taking on a full-time off-farm job will add to Toban Dyck’s stress level, but will also add fun

Busy begets busy. I had no idea there was space in my schedule for another full-time job. Apparently, there was. Life is busy right now. But I love it. I now work in the ag sector, collaborating with experts, professionals, and many other people smarter than I am. If you’re an adult and take the […] Read more

Triple your canola yield

Farmers who don’t like to think about feelings might have skipped this page. Now that we have your attention, learn how to recognize farm stress

Many people don’t like to talk or read about their feelings. But dealing with stress by burying yourself in work instead of talking can backfire. “We all, at times in our life, need some help getting back on track,” says Kathy Decelle, outreach social worker. Decelle has been counselling people in rural northwestern Saskatchewan for […] Read more