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Pam Bailey, chair and co-founder of Ag Women Manitoba farms with her husband and in-laws in Dacotah, Manitoba and is also a director with Manitoba Canola Growers.

Newly formed Manitoba network empowers women in agriculture

When asked about the importance of empowering women in agriculture, Pam Bailey’s response is simple: “Empowering women is always beneficial in every community, so why should agriculture be any different?” While strides have been made over the years to improve inclusivity in agriculture, it’s important to build on that momentum. Building women up in agriculture […] Read more

Tamara Carter urges farmwomen to be true to themselves.

The evolving role of women in agriculture

Tamara Carter believes women need confidence as well as encouragement

Tamara Carter urges farmwomen to be true to themselves. Know your strengths and then have the patience and persistence to pursue your goals. Have the confidence to sometimes step outside of your comfort zone and go for it. Those are some of the qualities Carter applied herself over a 25-year career of learning the agriculture […] Read more

Alison Ammeter, speaker at the upcoming Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference, says she has always found men to be extremely supportive of 
her work.

Allison Ammeter morphs into changing roles

Women in agriculture: At home, in the farm and in the boardroom, 
women are playing many roles

Allison Ammeter may not have a Class 1 driver’s licence, but put her in front of microphone and she can comfortably cover a lot of ground. The central Alberta farmer says at one time she was dogged by the notion “to be a real farmer you needed a Class 1 drivers licence” and be able […] Read more

Sarah Schultz is proud to be a farmwife and mother.

What does ‘farmwife’ mean to me?

This can have different meanings for different people but it explains a huge part of my identity

You could call me a bit of an old soul who passionately loves technology. I’m caught somewhere in the middle on the spectrum of ’50s housewife and millennial, if there is such a thing. I love being at home and being a housewife and mom. I also love practising as a registered nurse when I’m not at […] Read more

A woman’s place… on a modern farm

Toban Dyck turns the keyboard over to his wife Jamie, to describe her role on the farm

Calgary recently hosted the annual Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference. Women in agriculture is an important topic, and one in which I am wholly unqualified to write about. I would like to introduce you to Jamie Dyck. She and I got married in 2001, outside, in her parents’ backyard, after a three-day deluge. We are in […] Read more