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Producer group promotes barley

MWBGA is putting its research dollars into fusarium head blight resistance

The Manitoba Wheat and Barley Growers Association (MWBGA) says it is committed to research and market development of wheat and barley in the province, including one project focused on genomic selection for improving two-row malting barley. Officially established on January 1, 2014, MWBGA is funded by Manitoba farmers through a checkoff on wheat and barley. […] Read more

Taking research inventory

Last month the Western Grains Research Foundation released a new report. “Fertile Ground: Agronomic Research Capacity in Western Canada” is the result of a lot of surveys conducted by the Edmonton-based consulting firm, Toma and Bouma Management Consultants. The WGRF funded this study to take a snapshot of the current state of Prairie agronomic research. […] Read more

The new wheat lobby

I’ve been using this space to write about the farm organizations we’re funding. In this issue: wheat. I’ve already written about the Western Grains Research Foundation, which uses a checkoff of $0.30 per tonne on wheat to fund wheat research. But there are also six new wheat-related groups that have sprung up across the Prairies […] Read more

How you’re funding the WGRF

In the last issue of Grainews we ran a story about farm research levies. That was just the first in a series of articles about the organizations representing Prairie farmers. In this column: the Western Grains Research Foundation. You’re funding that. Your money gets to the WGRF in two ways. We’ll start with your levies. […] Read more

Putting your checkoff dollars to good use

Feeling tired? Maybe a little overwhelmed? I’m not surprised. You’re a member of so many associations and organizations, I don’t know how you have time to keep your truck filled with gas, what with all that driving to meetings. What’s that you say? Just the Elks? Count again. Through checkoffs deducted from your grain cheques, […] Read more

The wheat and barley checkoff

Well, this is new,” you might be saying, if you weren’t really paying attention last year, and suddenly notice there are two deductions instead of just one on the sales ticket for your durum. Well, yes it is. Sort of. You always paid levies to the Western Grains Research Foundation (WGRF), to the Canadian International […] Read more