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The completed storage box.

How to build a custom toolbox, Part 2

It’s time to build the box portion and finish off this custom toolbox project

In the last article we took the hood from a 1960 Ford truck and used it as the basis for a completely customized workshop toolbox. Now with all the fabrication work done on the hood, which will be the box lid, we know the required build dimensions the lower box section that will fit to it. […] Read more

Clamped firmly in place, the two pieces of steel forming this 90 degree outside joint are positioned properly, allowing for excellent weld penetration.

How to weld 90-degree outside corners

Proper welding of a corner joint starts with perfectly cut straight edges

One day many years ago, another welding student and I were taking a break outside the door of the college welding shop. “I just love burnin’ stick,” he said, as we discussed what we were doing that day. (Burning stick is slang for arc welding, in case you didn’t get that.) I had to agree […] Read more

Welding equipment manufacturer Victor Technologies has a large training section on its website that anyone can use without logging in or registering.

Free online welding resource

Victor Technologies wants to help bridge the training gap using the Internet

One of the downsides to living in a rural area is not having access to the kind of amenities city residents do. That includes the opportunity to take part-time training courses in many trades that are useful on the farm, like welding. But these days Internet resources can help bridge that training gap. Welding equipment […] Read more

What we started with. Once we removed the fuel tank and under-seat tool box, there wasn’t much left. Most of the floor panels and body support frame were rusted so badly there were large holes. The entire body was unsafe.

Our restoration project moves to the body shop

Attention turns to the main body sheet metal 
on our longterm Jeep rebuild

We’ve rebuilt the suspension, driveshafts, axles and brakes, installed a new clutch and even fixed a bullet hole. Now, we can begin to see the finish line off in the distance as our Jeep restoration, Project CJ3A, works toward completion. It’s finally time to turn our attention to the main body tub. Once this is […] Read more

Man and woman in welding gear.

MIG and Stick welding require different techniques

Grainews field editor Lisa Guenther and an expert from Miller Electric look at the basic differences between running a bead with a MIG and Stick welder

To be honest, growing up on a farm I was a lot more interested in the animal side of things than the iron. So this year’s Canada’s Farm Progress Show gave me a chance to educate myself a little about all that big, high-tech machinery. And, thanks to Justin Elliott, one of the experts at […] Read more