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Wendy’s secures Canadian greenhouse lettuce supply

Alberta grower to provide sandwich, salad lettuce nationwide

The Canadian wing of U.S. burger chain Wendy’s is going strictly indoors, in southern Alberta, to supply all the lettuce for its salad, burger and chicken sandwich offerings across the country. Whole Leaf, based outside Coaldale, about 20 km east of Lethbridge, was announced last week as the lettuce supplier for the chain’s 384 stores […] Read more

University’s ‘Beefier Barley’ billboard binned

A billboard about Alberta barley’s prospects under climate change in the University of Alberta’s ‘Truth Matters’ promotion — a series of ads meant to spark discussion about its researchers’ work — has been winnowed out of the campaign. Jacqui Tam, the Edmonton-based U of A’s vice-president for university relations, announced Sunday it would withdraw the […] Read more

Complex issue of water and beef

Looking at the question of much water is used to produce beef from pasture to packer

How much water does it take to produce a pound of beef? That may not be the most urgent question on the mind of beef producers, but for some schoolkids in Surrey, B.C. it was an important question to have answered for a class project. And when multiple letters asking the same question recently landed […] Read more

Weather, soil moisture and crops

Your definition of drought will depend on the amount of subsoil in your fields

My 2016 barley crop was seeded May 8 into excellent moisture at a depth of 1.0 to 1.5 inches — a bit deeper in some soft sloughs. Up to the date of seeding there had been essentially no spring rains. A May 4 burn off with 2,4-D + Glyphosate took care of the volunteer canola […] Read more

A centre-pivot irrigation system.

Manage water to optimize wheat, canola production

Use your irrigation system to its full potential by asking these four question about water needs

Often the most limiting nutrient in irrigated crop production is water! Many irrigation farmers tend to under-irrigate their crops, which limits yield potential. Often the main reasons for under-irrigation are simply not checking soil moisture frequently and starting the irrigation system too late. Knowing the answers to these four questions can help. 1. How much water does […] Read more

Variable rate irrigation

The high cost of variable rate irrigation has limited farmer adoption. But there are times when it can be useful

Variable rate irrigation can boost water use efficiency and may bump yield. But there are wrinkles to iron out before the technology is widely adopted. Variable rate systems include an electronic control panel, a pivot positioning system (usually GPS), and sprinkler control valves. Farmers upload prescriptions to the control panel, which then applies water accordingly. […] Read more