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Summers Manufacturing calls its VRT2530 a “variable rate” tillage tool.

Summers offers ‘variable tillage’ tool

On-the-go changes allow for more or 
less aggressive residue incorporation

2018 marks the third year of production for North Dakota-based Summers Manufacturing’s VRT2530 “variable” tillage tool, which was designed to offer producers an implement that can offer differing styles of tillage from the same implement — and change on the go. The VRT2530 uses a row of dual-mounted disc blades at the front. These blades are slightly concave, […] Read more

Pat Pfiffner, a farmer and senior technologist with Alberta Agriculture holing a soil penetrometer.

Rutted fields and soil compaction

What are the best ways to alleviate damaged fields in the spring?

Persistent rains with cold, damp conditions in September and October made harvest last fall even more stressful that usual for many farmers. Trucks, grain carts and combines in wet fields have left moderate to severe ruts in fields across the Prairie. Ruts must be fixed before spring planting. Many farmers are also worried about soil […] Read more

Danish firm Kongskilde offers its 9200 Series vertical tillage implement to North American farmers in working widths from 11 to 43 feet.

Less common tillage implements

A look at implements from brands that aren’t exactly household names in Canada

If you get a thrill out of attending as many farm shows as you can reasonably get to in a season, you’ve likely noticed a few uncommon equipment brands displaying their wares. At the U.S. Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa, in August, Mark Moore made a point of stopping by exhibits from a couple […] Read more

Tillage recruited to deal with moisture issues

Farmers still want to be zero tillers, but high residue, excess moisture and weeds are putting tillage tools back in the field

Necessity is the mother of invention, but weather appears to be the mother of necessity, these days. That seems to fit as producers talk about the need for tillage in this October Farmer Panel. Zero-till and direct seeding are still foremost on producers’ minds when they look at overall cropping practices, but with several or […] Read more

New from Case IH is the True Tandem 335 Barracuda  vertical tillage tool for aggressive field finishing.

Case IH lands a tillage Barracuda

This new vertical tillage tool is an option for more aggressive field finishing

In early March Case IH introduced a new implement model it says fills a niche in the vertical tillage category. The True Tandem 335 Barracuda is designed for dealing with heavy crop residues, leaving fields a little blacker than some other vertical tillage machines. It is capable of cutting, evenly distributing and burying residue up […] Read more

Investing in vertical tillage tools

Soil Management: When it comes to vertical tillage, there is no "one size fits all" for every job

Farmers struggling with excess residue, moisture, or compaction are experimenting with various forms of tillage. But many questions remain about how to best use the equipment on the market today. In the fall of 2014, the Buiten­huis and Baillargeon families ran a tillage demo at their farm near Edam, Sask. They ran seven different tillage units, plus used a […] Read more

The SF6830 vertical tillage implement is new from AGCO’s Sunflower brand.

AGCO introduces the SF6830

A new, high-speed, vertical tillage implement for the Sunflower brand

In August, AGCO introduced a new vertical tillage tool into its Sunflower line of implements. The SF6830 model is one of a number of recent additions to the brand. Designed for high-speed field finishing, the SF6830 includes four types of ground engaging features in one vertical tillage implement. The front row on an SF6830 Series […] Read more

Salford buys tillage equipment maker AerWay

Southwestern Ontario vertical tillage and pasture equipment maker AerWay has become part of another well-known Ontario ag equipment manufacturer. Salford Group announced in December it has bought the AerWay advanced aeration products line from the Canadian trailer systems arm of German truck, bus and trailer axle and suspension manufacturer SAF-Holland. AerWay, which operates a manufacturing […] Read more

The I-2200 vertical tillage implement (shown here) and the I-4200 hybrid are new designs. They have heavier frames and more discs per foot than the company’s existing models to provide a finer field finish.

Salford introduces new tillage implements

Among Salford’s several new-product launches at Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina were two new tillage implement models, the 1-2200 and I-4200. According to Anson Boak, Salford’s marketing manger, these two machines are the result of several years of R&D with the existing I Series vertical tillage models. “It started in 2011 and culminated in […] Read more

Back to tillage after wet years

With extra rain, tillage is back in style in some areas. First, evaluate the 
risks of erosion and salinity. Then, consider dealing with compaction

Soggy springs and summers have made tillage fashionable again in some parts of the Prairies. Some see tillage as a means of drying saturated soils. Others hope to relieve compacted soils through some sort of vertical tillage. But is tillage an effective solution to these problems? And do the potential benefits outweigh the risks? Tilling […] Read more