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Three of the UTVs in our UTV challenge.

Grainews’ toughest UTV evaluations yet

Real-world testing shows each has its own design advantages

At Grainews, we’re no strangers to doing practical equipment evaluations. Over the years, we’ve put a host of machines through tests that measure how well they can perform the typical work they’d be put to on farms. This year, we were at it again. We took a group of side-by-side UTVs and put them through […] Read more

GM will publicly introduce new Silverado HD models at major auto shows beginning in February.

GM rolls out newest “most capable and advanced” Silverado

GM pumps up the muscle in its HD pickup truck release for 2020

It must have been hectic for engineers in GM’s truck department in Detroit over the past few years. The brand has sent several major redesigns out the door in a relatively short period of time. There was the Colorado ZR2 Bison, the new Silverado 1500 Series and the all-new medium duty Silverado Series. Now the […] Read more

The “High Country” edition of the 2019 Silverado line is intended to be a premium version with a number of high-end options.

GM offers a “personalized” 2019 Silverado

A “full suite” of accessories gives 
GM pickups four distinct personalities

In September 2018, GM displayed a High Country version of the 2019 Silverado at the Texas State Fair. It was the debut for this new trim package and is only one of four different “concepts” buyers can opt for when spec’ing out an all new Chevy pickup this fall. “We know every truck customer is […] Read more

These six pickups competed in the 2019 Truck King Challenge in Ontario and were rated by a group of automotive journalists.

Auto journalists rank new pickup trucks

Annual competition pits brand against brand in a series of tests

The 12th annual Canadian Truck King Challenge took place in the cold and rain of early October. Frankly, that’s the norm for our event. And while it makes for nasty driving, I always remind our judges that we are simply testing in the same conditions that Canadian truck owners encounter every day. Dealing with our […] Read more

How to evaluate a diesel engine

How to evaluate a diesel engine

Are you thinking of buying a used tractor or other farm machine for next season? It’s only a few months before the spring auction sale season kicks off again, and there is no shortage of used machines on dealer lots to pick from right now. Buying used equipment can be a great way to add […] Read more

Tie rod ends have a tapered design that allows them to fit and stay tight when installed. Before removing an old tie rod end for replacement, count the number of exposed threads. Install the new one leaving the same number of threads exposed.

How to replace worn steering components

Replacing old, loose tie rod ends is an easy on-farm repair you can do yourself

Older tractors, self-propelled machines and farm trucks tend to get a little hard to control with age. Driving some of them down the road at maximum speed can be a bit like herding goats, and a little dangerous. They will only go approximately where you want them to. The reason is often due to excessive […] Read more

The Chev in Dean’s workshop part way through the restoration process.

Old Chevy gets a new makeover

An on-farm restoration brings a rare 1955 Chevrolet back to life again

Dean Foote of Killarney, Manitoba, wrote to tell us about the 1955 Chevrolet barn-find truck he and his family recently restored. Here’s what he had to say. “When I found this truck, it had been stored in a garage for the past 20 years. The previous owner had thoughts of restoring it one day and […] Read more

PHOTOS: Getting around in Australia

Scott Garvey's recent trip down under gave him a chance to see how some Aussie farmers travel

Australian farmers who’ve learned to adeptly shift gears with their left hand have the same basic needs as Canadian farmers when it comes to getting around. They need a pickup to use on the farm and to get them to town, and they need heavy trucks to haul livestock and grain. But from there, things […] Read more

pickup truck on assembly line

A brand new Colorado for 2015

GM stakes a claim in the small-truck marketplace with a “mid-sized” Colorado

GM describes its 2015 Colorado as an all-new, midsize pickup with the style and versatility of a truck and the refinement, manoeuvrability and efficiency of a crossover. The brand hopes it will appeal to those who want some respectable capability in a truck but are looking for ease of manoeuvrability and better fuel economy ratings. […] Read more

Toyota truck

Configure your own Tundra

Pickup truck special feature: Toyota says it can offer buyers a full-sized truck matched to any need. 
With 10 models available, it’s hard to argue with that

Toyota is providing choices, it emphasized in its October press release, which announced the introduction of its 2015 full-sized Tundra pickup. There are, in fact, 10 different models of Toyota Tundra with enough trim options to create 25 different configurations. “Choice” might be an understatement. First, there is the 4×2 regular cab SR long bed […] Read more