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Can-Am has introduced an updated line of Commander off-road, side-by-side machines for 2021.

Updated side-by-sides from Can-Am

Better performance and more hauling and towing capacity for 2021 Commanders

It’s been 10 years since BRP’s Can-Am brand first introduced its side-by-side Commander models in 2010. Now, the company has given them a major redesign for 2021. BRP claims the revamp not only enhanced the Commanders’ performance but made them more versatile as well. “The 2021 Can-Am Commander is our most versatile side-by-side vehicle, period,” […] Read more

Three of the UTVs in our UTV challenge.

Grainews’ toughest UTV evaluations yet

Real-world testing shows each has its own design advantages

At Grainews, we’re no strangers to doing practical equipment evaluations. Over the years, we’ve put a host of machines through tests that measure how well they can perform the typical work they’d be put to on farms. This year, we were at it again. We took a group of side-by-side UTVs and put them through […] Read more

Grainews went to Texas to field test the 2020 model year line of Defender UTVs.

Reviewing Can-Am’s newest Defender models

We put the capabilities of the Defender Max and Pro HD10s to the test

Nearly every prairie farm has at least one ATV or UTV kicking around the farmyard. And the odds are that machine or pair of them gets used more than any other piece of equipment in the farm fleet. Can-Am, a division of Quebec-based BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products), has recognized that a growing chunk of the […] Read more

The newest Defender model amps up the capability of the brand's UTV lineup.

Can Am puts six wheels under a Defender

Can Am’s newest Defender HD10 is — wait for it — a 6X6, and it’s much bigger and more powerful than its next largest Defender HD10 brother. Uprated power comes from an 82 horsepower, 976 cc V-twin, liquid-cooled Rotax engine, the biggest so far in that model line. And the new Defender gets a 3,000-pound (1,360-kilogram) tow rating. There are two colour choices for […] Read more

We put Can Am’s newest Defender XT HD10 model to a winter workout in our latest equipment practical test.

Reviewing the newest Can-Am Defender UTV

We spend a few weeks of winter testing Can-Am’s newest UTV

Three years ago Grainews gathered several side-by-side UTVs together for a full review and comparison. Included in that group was the Can-Am Defender from BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products). Our panel of judges were impressed with that model back then and rated it highly. So this year when Can-Am asked us if we’d like to have […] Read more

The Hustler MDV offers a hydraulic bed that can lift 750 pounds (340 kilograms) up from ground level.

Hustler MDV debuts in Canada

Unique UTV offers a hydraulic lift bed

UTVs are becoming common workhorses on prairie farms nowadays, and there are more than a few different brands of them to choose from. But there may only be one that offers a hydraulic, self-loading rear bed, the Hustler MDV. Built in Hesston, Kansas, by Hustler, a brand better known for producing commercial lawn mowers, the […] Read more

A special edition black model is one of 24 different configurations available on the new RTV-XG850 Sidekick.

An all-new UTV from Kubota

The brand targets new market segments with the RTV-XG850 Sidekick

Kubota has had a strong presence in the UTV market for several years with their X Series machines. They offer a relatively unique design with diesel engines mated to hydrostatic transmissions. That package has earned them reputations as sturdy workhorses, but for those buyers who also want something a little sporty to mix business with […] Read more

UTV tracks from Can-Am

UTV tracks from Can-Am

Maverick Trail UTV now gets an add-on tracks option

Can-Am has previously introduced track options for its line of ATVs with its Apache 360 track systems technology line. This year it’s introducing a track package for the Maverick Trail side-by-side UTV called the Apache Back Country track kit. The company says the system is engineered to match engine output and “supports chassis performance while […] Read more

A new toolbox designed for Defender side-by-sides is now available from Can-Am dealers.

Toolbox for Can-Am Defenders

Custom design toolbox ready to 
bolt into the cargo bed of your UTV

Side-by-side UTVs have become workhorses on many Prairie farms, so Can-Am has introduced a new option to help owners make the best of their Defender models while doing farm chores — or while away on that hunting trip. A new composite toolbox designed to mount perfectly in the bed of a Defender is now available […] Read more

John Deere’s Gator family grows

John Deere’s Gator family grows

Show visitors could drive 
new models over a test track

Visitors to the U.S. Farm Progress Show in Illinois in August were able to take a spin in one of the new John Deere Gators. They had a choice between taking the new gas-powered XUV835 or diesel XUV865 Utility Vehicles for a turn around a specially constructed demonstration track on the show grounds. For operators […] Read more