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Trimble's UX5 unmanned aerial vehicle.

Trimble takes to the air

The technology company introduces a new unmanned aerial drone for ag applications

In January, Trimble announced it was adding the UX5 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to its ag products division. This small drone comes equipped with a camera that can capture geo-referenced photographs, near-infrared images for NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) analysis as well as topographical information, making it a handy tool for anything from locating cattle […] Read more

Redesigned UAVs capable of carrying a payload of up to three kilograms fly predetermined routes and send field mapping data to a server in real time.

Robots take to the field

A completely autonomous equipment fleet scouts out weeds, 
creates a work plan to control them and carries it out

The RHEA (Robot Fleets for Highly Effective Agriculture and Forestry) display shared space with another organization in one of the smallest booths at Agritechnica last November. But the commercial possibilities in agriculture for its ground-breaking robotics project are enormous. “We have developed a fleet of robot tractors that work together in the field,” said Constantine […] Read more