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Drone provides a new field perspective

Ground truthing is still important, but drones can identify problem areas

Randi Wenzel says even basic operation of a drone over annual crops and pastures on their south-central Saskatchewan mixed farm provides some very useful management information, along with some peace of mind. Wenzel, who farms with family members south of Central Butte, has been flying a drone during the cropping and grazing seasons for the […] Read more

A drone equipped with a camera can be used to check remote watering systems, scan fencelines or check gates.

Drones. How did we farm without them?

Hart Attacks: Drone school explained how flying cameras can change the cattle business

I know I shouldn’t be amazed by anything that has to do with new technology, but it seems I always am. I recently spent part of a day at a central Alberta drone school —primarily geared to beef producers — and came away thinking it just never ends. So there I was in a community […] Read more

When I pulled up to Don’s wheat field last year on July 6, the first thing I noticed was how yellow the crop was. The crop’s development was also very uneven. For example, some plants were still at the five-leaf stage, while others had the flag leaf out with the head in the boot.

Get ready for drone sprayers

Manitoba company preparing to do custom chemical applications with drones

The use of drones in agriculture seems to gain a little more momentum every season. So far, the jobs they’ve been put to include taking NDVI images and crop scouting, among others. But one Manitoba entrepreneur thinks even with comparatively small payload capacity aerial spraying may be a good fit for the technology. Don Campbell, […] Read more

Ford and drone developer DJI are looking to integrate UAV control into a pickup’s digital system for a variety of future applications, including agriculture.

A Ford F150 sync’d to your UAV?

Ford issues a new “Drone-to-vehicle developer challenge” to software engineers

James Bond has his special Aston Martin car complete with ejection seat and all kinds of high-tech gizmos. If Ford has its way, farmers may soon have an F150 pickup at their disposal that would make Q, Bond’s car creator, proud. Ford has been working with drone developer DJI and the two companies have launched […] Read more

Flying a UAV to capture farm data may mean applying for a Special Flight Operations Certificate from Transport Canada.

Considering trying out a UAV?

You could hire a custom operator to fly fields for you or take some training and fly your own

Should you add a UAV to your farm fleet or should you just hire someone with their own to do the flying for you? That’s a question farmers looking to collect the kind of data a UAV can capture will have to consider. At three to five dollars per acre to have a custom operator […] Read more

Seen here ready to launch, the AgEagle flying-wing UAV is designed to capture images of fields with an onboard camera. It can cover about 250 acres in 35 minutes.

In the field with an AgEagle UAV

Grainews participated in two exclusive UAV demo flights at the Ag in Motion farm show

Standing in a demonstration field at the Ag in Motion farm show near Saskatoon in July, Markus Weber, president of AgEagle Canada (, launched one of the company’s unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) as the Grainews video team looked on. The battery powered, flying-wing model quietly took to the air and flew the preplanned route Weber […] Read more