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titan tires

Titan expands its crossover tire tread offerings

Titan Tire announced the expansion of its new crossover tire line for compact tractors, the Goodyear R14T. The crossover tire, which is a hybrid of different tread patterns, is now available in 14 additional sizes to accommodate tractors all the way up to 150 horsepower. “We launched the first-of-its-kind R14T last year and have seen […] Read more

Engineer in training Alex Barrie talks with machinery editor Scott Garvey during Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock, Ontario.

Engineers study machine-related soil compaction

Ontario team working to establish 
tire inflation guidelines

It wasn’t all that long ago that many agronomists in Canada weren’t even willing to concede soil compaction might be a problem. The freeze-thaw cycle, many argued, significantly mitigated it. But now with more available data and new thinking, most seem to agree that the seasonal temperature cycle doesn’t fully eliminate the problem. And preventing […] Read more


Remove and store duals safely to prevent injuries

Duals are useful to improve traction and reduce soil compaction. However, for some farming activities, they may no longer be necessary. Removing them reduces tire wear and enhances maneuverability. While removing duals doesn’t seem dangerous, there are some hazards associated with the task. People have been crushed by falling wheels and experienced strains and sprains. […] Read more

This photo taken at Massey-Ferguson’s combine test facility in the early 1960s shows the bump track used to test long-term durability.

Shaking things up

Here's how manufacturers test the durability of vehicles and machines

The expectation of quality among buyers of farm machinery has risen substantially in past decades. As a result, all manufacturers have felt the heat to live up to customer demand and implemented a host of new quality control programs both on and off assembly lines, including at the design phase. That goes for vehicle manufacturers […] Read more

Tie rod ends have a tapered design that allows them to fit and stay tight when installed. Before removing an old tie rod end for replacement, count the number of exposed threads. Install the new one leaving the same number of threads exposed.

How to replace worn steering components

Replacing old, loose tie rod ends is an easy on-farm repair you can do yourself

Older tractors, self-propelled machines and farm trucks tend to get a little hard to control with age. Driving some of them down the road at maximum speed can be a bit like herding goats, and a little dangerous. They will only go approximately where you want them to. The reason is often due to excessive […] Read more

A built-in camera function helps the Michelin mobile app calculate inflation pressure requirements for a specific tractor.

Free app calculates tire pressure needs

Michelin just introduced the Pressure Calculator, a free app for mobile phones that can help determine exact pressure requirements for ag tires. Using the Pressure Calculator involves three steps. First, type in the load supported by front and rear axles. Then enter the type of tire using the drop-down menus. Finally, take a photo of […] Read more

Ag track systems manufacturer Camso recently announced an ongoing research project to determine if converting field equipment to tracks can actually put more money in farmers’ pockets.

Can tracks increase profits?

Camso program measures the profit potential of rubber belts over tires

It makes for great coffee shop debates. Do rubber-belt track systems really offer advantages over cutting edge radial tires? And if so, do those advantages outweigh the extra investment cost? Camso (formerly known as Camoplast Solideal), the ag industry’s largest track systems supplier, has launched a new research program called “Profit From the Ground Up,” […] Read more

Camso’s new website offers advice and information on converting equipment from wheels 
to tracks.

Camso launches track selector web feature

Anyone considering converting a farm machine or even an ATV to a rubber-belt track system from tires can now find information about that process online. Track systems manufacturer, Camso, has added a track selection feature to its website. “Simple navigation and menu items enable visitors to select multiple options related to their work or application […] Read more