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Tweco portable welder.

3-in-1 welders

There are three welders in Tweco’s new machine

U.S.-based Tweco, a division of Victor Technologies, thinks it has the ideal solution for those who can’t justify the expense of buying three different welders. Tweco’s new Fabricator line of welders put MIG, TIG and Stick capability into one affordable machine. The Fabricator line includes four different models with varying outputs. Tom Wermert, Tweco’s brand […] Read more

How to pick the right electrodes

Setting up a welder with the proper electrodes is key to doing a good job. For all three welding processes, MIG, TIG and Stick, there are multiple electrode choices. When using MIG for regular mild steel, which is the most common application on the farm, selecting ER 70S-6 welding wire is the best choice. “For mild steel the best choice would be ER 70S-6,” says […] Read more