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How to manage canola in storage after difficult harvest conditions

Tips from Canola Council of Canada storage experts to minimize spoilage

If you successfully maintained your stored crop in good condition through last winter and this spring, pat yourself on the back: last year’s harvest and storage conditions were about as challenging as they come. Due to terrible weather at harvest across much of the Canadian Prairies, a large percentage of harvested grain went into bins […] Read more

North American ammonium nitrate laws best in world, Nutrien CEO says

Winnipeg | Reuters — North America’s regulations for handling ammonium nitrate, a potentially explosive product used in fertilizer and in the mining industry, are the strictest in the world, the CEO of Canadian fertilizer producer Nutrien said Tuesday. An ammonium nitrate stockpile exploded last week in Beirut killing at least 171 people, injuring 6,000 and […] Read more

Storing higher-oil canola

It’s worth more, but it’s also more fragile. Know how to keep 
your specialty canola safe in the bin

Since higher oil content canola has less dry matter content in each kernel than lower oil content canola, it is prone to spoiling more quickly. On top of that, last year’s record harvest, coupled with nationwide transportation issues, means that crops are sitting in storage longer than usual and causing great concern to growers. Dr. […] Read more