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Growth stocks have outperformed value by a wide margin … but will it last?

Slow and steady wins the race

Market action this year has confounded and perplexed. Meaning, it has been pretty much business as usual, although with more exaggerated swings. The action should demonstrate more than ever that short-term market gyrations are completely unpredictable. Anyone who in late March publicly said the market would hit new records by summertime would have been promptly […] Read more

CBOT weekly outlook: Markets focused on virus, oil prices, stocks

MarketsFarm — From where Steve Georgy sits, commodity markets such as the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) are currently focused on only three things. One is the COVID-19 coronavirus — specifically, how the global outbreak affects commodity markets, especially if it results in “the slowing down the movement of grain, the slowing down the movement […] Read more

The investment world ebbs and flows with sentiment, something that holds very true when it comes to Canada’s oil and gas sector.

Investing for a positive, progressing world

Herman VanGenderen wants to assure you that the sky is not falling

Chicken Little is a famous storybook character. He (or she) had an acorn drop on his head and concluded the sky was falling. As he rushed to tell the king, he ran through the countryside yelling “the sky is falling. The sky is falling.” Along the way he collected other like-minded fowl, all yelling, “The […] Read more

U.S. grains: Bargain buying boosts soy futures

Chicago | Reuters — U.S. soybean futures rose on Tuesday, bouncing back from a sharp decline in a round of bargain buying after prices sank in the previous session to their lowest since Nov. 8, traders said. Wheat futures were mixed with short-covering boosting the most-active soft red winter wheat contracts after prices traded near […] Read more

Is market level relevant? If you’re an investor, not a speculator, market predictions are futile

Investing for Fun and Profit with Herman VanGenderen

I am about to question one of the sacred beliefs of market pundits. It is my belief that market level isn’t very important to our investing success. What? Does that make sense? First, let’s look at how accurate market predictions tend to be. Reading about the topic leads me to believe the prediction success rate […] Read more

Guarding Wealth: Buying risk, paying for liquidity

Price-earnings ratios are a useful way to analyze your investment decisions

What do you get when you invest in capital markets? You might say stocks or bonds, mutual funds or units in real estate investment trusts. That answer is both true and false. You do get ownership of those things, but in a more analytical sense, what you are really getting is risk — any stock […] Read more

Stock risks after year of gains

After a good run in the stock market, investors have decisions to make

It is a dilemma unique to the times, specifically to January and February 2014. After a remarkable run from 2011 or, for that matter, from the beginning of the recovery in March, 2009, stock markets in Canada, the U.S. and in much of the world are breaking through former highs. The broad U.S. market measured […] Read more