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Fendt takes (out) the wheel on new combines

Agco says it's first of majors to offer joystick steering

Agco has officially declared itself to be the first major farm equipment player to put joystick steering in a combine. The ag equipment manufacturer unveiled IdealDrive on Thursday during the Commodity Classic in San Antonio, billing the new steering system for its Fendt Ideal combines as “the first joystick steering system on a combine from […] Read more

Four new BX Series sub-compact tractors from Kubota offer some high-end 
features and a three-cylinder diesel engine. 

Kubota expands its sub-compact tractor line

Brand adds four new BX80 Series diesel tractors to its range of offerings

Most farmyards have a lot of grass to cut to keep things tidy around all the buildings. Cutting those areas can often be a tough job for run-of-the-mill lawn tractors. That’s where the much more sturdy sub-compact tractors on the market today really shine. They rely on more robust drivelines and are really miniature ag […] Read more

How it works: the differential

We look at the basic operating principle behind differential axle drives

Getting engine power to the ground in a vehicle or farm machine usually means routing torque from the engine flywheel through the transmission, then turning it 90 degrees to spin an axle connected to the wheels. Simple bevel-cut gears allow for that change in direction, but there is another problem that has to be overcome: […] Read more