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The Robocrop Spot Sprayer can distinguish clumps of weeds in a minimum target area of 40 millimetres.

Emerging sprayer technologies

Drone and intelligent sprayers improve accuracy, efficiency and reduce costs

Self-propelled (high clearance) sprayers with low-drift nozzles might be the norm on farms across North America but emerging technologies are expected to change how crop protection products are applied. “Our farms are growing, our use of crop protection agents is growing and we have a labour shortage,” says Tom Wolf, a sprayer expert and scientist […] Read more

The Nozzle Guy’s top five spray nozzle picks

Tom Wolf’s go-to nozzles are low pressure and low drift

Tom Wolf knows a lot about nozzles. Wolf, also known as The Nozzle Guy, is a sprayer expert and scientist at Saskatoon-based Agrimetrix Research and Training. His go-to nozzles are low pressure and low drift. “In the last 25 years since these kinds of nozzles appeared on the market, researchers have taken it upon themselves […] Read more

The Horsch Leeb SP 6300 self-propelled sprayer’s Boom Pro Plus controlling system allows five boom sections to move independently.

Horsch rolls out self-propelled sprayer

Horsch’s Leeb SP 6300 brings some new features to the Prairie sprayer market

The Horsch Leeb SP 6300 self-propelled sprayer is a whole different platform and concept than we’re used to seeing on the Prairies. “We went for the root issue of the problem and built a sprayer around that,” said Jeremy Hughes, product manager for Horsch. “The focus of this sprayer is to improve spray quality. What […] Read more

Case IH has now made AccuTurn, the guidance feature that controls headland turns, available in the Patriot sprayer line.

Case IH puts AccuTurn on Patriot sprayers

Enhanced auto-guidance option now moves to its sprayer series

This year Case IH made its Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) AccuTurn feature, an automated headland-turning technology, available on its Patriot Series sprayers. The software originated in Case IH’s autonomous concept vehicle program, which the brand showed off in a fully autonomous Magnum tractor a couple of years ago, and it has been available in tractors. Maximum turn […] Read more

Two distributors are now retailing Amazone pull-type sprayers across the Prairies. The largest model, this UX11200, offers a 12,000-litre tank to maximize acres covered in a day.

Amazone pushes the pull type sprayer

Brand hopes to impress Canadian 
growers with big capacity, pull-type model

In North America, the self-propelled sprayer has certainly come to dominate the market. For the most part, pull-type models have faded from use over the years. But that is hardly true in Europe, and one European brand, Amazone, thinks it’s time for the pull-type model to make a comeback here in Canada. With several high-end […] Read more

Germany-based Herbert Dammann GmbH is looking to enter the Canadian sprayer market. It displayed one of its largest models at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock, Ontario, in September.

PHOTOS: Germany’s Dammann sprayer comes to Canada

Another European brand looks 
to start sales in this country

Anyone who’s ever walked the aisles of Agritechnica, the giant German farm machinery show, will understand that Europeans have taken sprayer technology to an entirely new level. A relatively intensive agriculture regime coupled with extremely stringent regulations and intense public scrutiny of herbicide use has demanded it. At the same time, farmers are still looking […] Read more

The Spray Fill Xpress from Summers Manufacturing is designed to speed up in-field sprayer refills.

Summers introduces Spray Fill Xpress

Summers’ new system reduces reloading times in the field

Summers Manufacturing of Devil’s Lake, North Dakota, claims its new Spray Fill Xpress system can increase sprayer productivity by up to 82 per cent. It achieves that by reducing sprayer refill times in the field, which means sprayers can spend more time spraying and, therefore, cover more acres in a day. Spray Fill Xpress uses […] Read more

John Deere’s new R4044 sprayer has a 1,200-gallon tank but is nine percent lighter than the current R4045 model.

John Deere adds a “light weight” sprayer

R4044 joins the Green 
brand’s 4 Series sprayer line

In May John Deere announced the introduction of the R4044 sprayer. Although it offers a 1,200 gallon (4,542 litre) product tank and sports a 325 horsepower, nine-litre diesel under the hood, it still weighs in nine per cent lighter than the R4045. Deere’s marketing staff say this machine fills a niche for those who are […] Read more

John Deere’s ExactApply nozzle control 
system is now available as a retrofit kit for 
2014 and newer 4 Series sprayers.

Retrofit kits from Deere

ExactApply upgrades available for 2014 and newer 4 Series sprayers

In 2016 John Deere introduced the ExactApply nozzle control system as a factory option for its 2018 model year sprayers. Now, it’s making them available as retrofit kits, which can be installed on 2014 to 2018 model year 4 Series machines. That, says Deere, will allow owners of those machines to take advantage of the […] Read more

Stopping sprayer clean out errors

Curb those embarrassing mistakes with 
tips from sprayer pro Tom Wolf

When Tom Wolf told his audience at CropSphere in Saskatoon on January 9 that sprayer clean out errors can be embarrassing, the nervous laughter in the room made it clear that most farmers have made some sort sprayer mistake. And, as Wolf pointed out, making the crowd laugh again, those mistakes usually happens in the […] Read more