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Website hosts the eKonomics of crop fertility

Online calculators help with "what-if" scenarios

Western Canadian farmers looking to connect with some of the latest research in crop fertility can log onto a fairly new online resource developed by Nutrien, which delivers field-tested, science-based facts geared to helping producers get the most out of their fertilizer dollars. Nutrien has created a website called eKonomics that brings together reports on […] Read more

Today’s biggest issues in soil fertility

When to broadcast, shallow band, deep band and top dress

Rigas Karamanos, a senior agronomist with Koch Fertilizer Canada, is one of the leading Canadian experts in soil fertility today. After speaking at hundreds of producer conferences and research symposiums, Karamanos says there are four major topics that come up again and again at every discussion of agricultural soil fertility. Broadcasting, shallow banding, deep banding […] Read more

A large on-site hole allowed farmers to get a good look at the soil profile, down more than a metre deep.

Crops-a-palooza brings in farmers and researchers

On July 24, Crops-a-palooza brought together 10 different hosting organizations, a handful of corporate sponsors, and government researchers and other volunteers. More than 200 farmers and agronomists came out to see the crops and research on display at the Canada-Manitoba Crop Diversification Centre at Carberry, Manitoba. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada agronomist Curtis Cavers spent most […] Read more

Opinions differ on quinoa prices in 2019

CNS Canada — There are opposing views on what will happen with Canadian quinoa prices in 2019. One buyer believes the specialty crop will increase a few cents per pound; another believes the price will slightly decrease in the New Year. Dan Boulton of NorQuin at Saskatoon said there is a world shortage of quinoa, […] Read more

Sask. and QC couples earn national OYF honours

Working with natural systems appeals to OYF-winning diversified producers

What’s the world coming to? When it comes to well managed farming operations recognized as Outstanding Young Farmers it appears to be leaning toward a natural field cropping operation in Saskatchewan and an organic market garden operation in Quebec. Derek and Tannis Axten of Axten Farms Ltd. near Minton, Sask., and Véronique Bouchard and François Handfield of Mont-Tremblant, […] Read more

Manitoba storm may cause more than travel delays

CNS Canada –– Road closures across most of western Manitoba due to a late-winter storm are likely only the start of the headaches to come, as flooding and/or late seeding may be a reality in many areas this spring. Meteorologist Drew Lerner of World Weather Inc. in Kansas City said he was optimistic on moisture […] Read more

Nitrate in the environment

Agriculture is a big part of nitrogen movement. Let's measure what we're doing

This column has dealt with “nitrate down the well” a few times in the past. To make a long story short: Nitrate-contaminated farm wells have been known since 1945 when the first case of infant “blue-baby” was related to a contaminated farm well in Iowa. A 1948 survey of 2,000 Saskatchewan farm wells found 18 […] Read more

A centre-pivot irrigation system.

Manage water to optimize wheat, canola production

Use your irrigation system to its full potential by asking these four question about water needs

Often the most limiting nutrient in irrigated crop production is water! Many irrigation farmers tend to under-irrigate their crops, which limits yield potential. Often the main reasons for under-irrigation are simply not checking soil moisture frequently and starting the irrigation system too late. Knowing the answers to these four questions can help. 1. How much water does […] Read more

Back to tillage after wet years

With extra rain, tillage is back in style in some areas. First, evaluate the 
risks of erosion and salinity. Then, consider dealing with compaction

Soggy springs and summers have made tillage fashionable again in some parts of the Prairies. Some see tillage as a means of drying saturated soils. Others hope to relieve compacted soils through some sort of vertical tillage. But is tillage an effective solution to these problems? And do the potential benefits outweigh the risks? Tilling […] Read more