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Health Canada said its proposed front-of-pack symbols aren’t yet in the proposed regulations as published, but will be included in the final regulation. (Dave Bedard photo)

Federal food labelling proposal has dairy farmers concerned

CNS Canada — While trade deals have had Canadian dairy farmers concerned about losing market share domestically, a recent proposal to change food package labeling could potentially be more damaging to the industry. Health Canada launched consultations in February for its proposed new front-of-packaging labeling. The proposal, part of Health Canada’s Healthy Eating Strategy, would […] Read more

(Dave Bedard photo)

Revisions in the works for Canada’s Food Guide

Health Canada is planning changes to one of its key policy documents to reflect how Canadians’ diets are generally coming up short in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, milk and milk alternatives. At the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress in Montreal on Monday, the federal health department launched a 45-day public consultation on changes to Canada’s Food Guide, […] Read more

This Solonetzic soil has a columnar- structured B horizon, which restricts water and root penetration into sub-soil.

Learn to manage your sodic soils

Got sodic soils on your farm? Here are three options for managing those areas

In the last issue of Grainews I discussed the physical and chemical characteristics of sodic soils. In this issue, I’ll discuss managing those soils. Solonetzic soils in the brown or dark brown soil zones of southern Alberta or southern Saskatchewan, that are in native grassland may be best left in their native condition and used […] Read more