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I wanted to let people know what we did on our grain farm and why.

The other side of the ‘agvocacy’ world

Nurse Loves Farmer: An attempt to fill a knowledge gap turned into a backlash of criticism against me

A few years ago I started “agvocating” for agriculture. I saw a gap that needed to be filled in the mommy blogging and food blogging worlds, as they desperately wanted to be more connected to where their food came from. The assumptions, the myths and the fear that was being spread in these communities made […] Read more

Kids at play can remind us to appreciate the simpler things.

Laughing in spite of it all

Five farm women share how they remain positive even in dire circumstances

When snow sets in on October 1, and half a bumper crop lies in the field; when the news is full of refugees and the days seem long and grey — it’s easy to succumb to the blues. Five farm women from Africa, Switzerland and Canada tell us how they laugh despite dire circumstances and […] Read more