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Feed weekly outlook: Manitoba corn seems headed for lower yields

CNS Canada — Manitoba’s corn crop harvest is getting underway earlier than expected, which could point to potential yield problems. While it’s too early to provide firm yield estimates, Morgan Cott, field agronomist for the Manitoba Corn Growers Association, said some high-moisture corn was already harvested in mid-September, and regular grain corn harvest got underway […] Read more

Custom silage operators need to be booked well in advance if you want your crop harvested at the optimal time.

Plan ahead to grow silage corn

Planting, chopping and weed control require planning, but can help you turn a profit

Growing silage corn needs some advanced planning and can involve a change of mindset for producers who are used to doing everything themselves. “Corn is different from most silage products that can be made in Western Canada,” says Ray Bittner, livestock specialist with Manitoba Agriculture. “Corn needs to be chopped or combined, but haybines knock […] Read more

Cattle working their way through another section of grazing corn.

Risk of poisoning in silage corn

High levels of nitrates in corn silage can be toxic to animals and humans

Corn silage with high levels of nitrates can be toxic to animals and humans. Nitrates oxidize iron atoms in hemoglobin (in red blood cells), making it unable to carry oxygen. Along with the potential for increased nitrates comes an increased risk of silo gas, which can be fatal. Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is a dangerous chemical […] Read more