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The bushings slid into place in these leaf springs easily without damage.

Cool it: cold temps for a smooth fit

How to use extreme changes in temperature to ease parts installation in your shop

A variety of parts on ag equipment and vehicles are designed to have a friction or interference fit, which means components fit together so tightly they maintain their position relative to each other without any kind of fastener holding them in place. Bearing races, for example, remain fixed tightly in a housing this way. It’s […] Read more

With the body finally back on the chassis, our coat of Deep Blue Metallic paint is the fifth this Jeep has worn. Sanding showed it left the factory wearing “Hampshire Green.” Then it was blue, black and finally red when it arrived in the Grainews workshop. Now, it’s time for reassembly.

We paint our restoration project

Finally, we’re nearly finished with Project CJ3A. Now it’s time for a splash of colour 
as we move the Jeep’s body into the paint shop for its fifth new colour

No stage of a restoration project seems to provide more satisfaction than seeing it painted for the first time — other, maybe, than driving the finished machine out the workshop door. And our project Jeep’s body has at last hit the paint stage. All those hours of sheet metal work, filling and sanding should now […] Read more

After removing the cover plate, it was clear moisture had been getting under it for a long time. The silicone sealant used instead of a regular gasket during a previous removal had failed 
and was allowing gear oil to leak out. We needed to remove the corrosion on the axle’s mating surface before attempting to reseal the unit.

We find more front axle problems

This time a leaking gasket and another broken stud mean we need to spend more time on the axle overhaul before its ready for reinstallation

In the last progress report on Project CJ3A, we removed a broken stud in the front-axle steering knuckle. After tearing down the rest of axle, we found yet another broken stud. This time it was one of the bolts holding the differential housing cover plate on. The gasket sealing the cover plate to the axle […] Read more