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GSI’s FlexWave inflatable liner pushes grain toward an auger trough, eliminating the need to manually enter bins to clean them out.

GSI introduces FlexWave

Inflatable liners clean out bin floors

Imagine an easier way to clean out flat-bottom grain bins. GSI was demonstrating its new FlexWave technology in August at the U.S. Farm Progress Show in Illinois as an entirely new and easy way to do exactly that. According to the company, FlexWave is a new alternative to the common grain bin sweeps, brooms and […] Read more

The finished pieces are mounted under glass to protect them 
from viewers wanting to touch 
the texture.

Farm Life: Stitching Prairie landscapes

Woman creates art by ‘thread painting’

Having lived all her life on the Prairies, fibre artist Donna Cutler has developed a deep appreciation for the natural beauty of the country. She and her husband Adrian currently live on an acreage across from the Beaver Creek Conservation area about 13 kilometres south of Saskatoon. The area is a constant source of inspiration […] Read more