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Technologist Shelley Lagasse talks incorporating pulse flour into food products such as pasta during a tour of Cigi’s pulse mill. What makes pulses desirable to a buyer depends on the end use and the market, Lagasse said. North American buyers will need to get a neutral flavour. “In other markets it might not be as much of an issue. For example, in India people consume pulses regularly. They’re used to the different flavours.”

Adding pulses to pasta

Cigi food researchers are finding ways to make your produce more appealing

Anyone who enjoyed Play-Doh as a child will appreciate watching Paul Ebbinghaus make pasta at the Canadian International Grains Institute’s (Cigi’s) pasta plant, on the main floor of their downtown Winnipeg office. But the international grain markets are not child’s play. The pasta plant is one part of Cigi’s strategy to keep Canadian durum competitive. […] Read more

Bleaching grain

Fall rain can mean bring lower quality wheat and fewer hard vitreous kernels

An untimely rain just before harvest can cause wheat kernels to “bleach” or whiten and can lead to some loss in quality that can cause downgrading at the elevator. Bleaching of grain kernels is caused by wet conditions at or near maturity when alternate wetting and drying causes tiny fissures because the grain expands when […] Read more