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In early 2019, the DOT Power Platform, now owned by Raven Technologies, was shown to a group of producers and manufacturers’ representatives at a demonstration day in Arizona.

Where is the DOT?

Under Raven ownership, DOT continues on “validation program”

In 2019, SeedMaster’s DOT autonomous implement carriers (or power platforms as they’re now named) started work in paying customers’ fields for the first time. A handful of these machines were sold to farmers in Saskatchewan, all within driving distance of the SeedMaster manufacturing plant in Regina. When the company began commercialization of these units, they […] Read more

About 160 people attended a demonstration day at the University of Arizona at Maricopa in March.

DOT spends the winter in Arizona

Autonomous platform moves from R&D to commercial sales

Continuous field testing of prototype machinery can be a challenge for Canadian ag equipment manufacturers, because our long winters limit access to fields. A good option is to head to southern portions of the U.S. where milder climates make year-round testing possible. Only that way can engineers rack up the maximum number of hours on […] Read more

SeedMaster showed the public a mockup of the single-row drill concept its engineers are working on during Canada’s Farm Progress Show.

Talking trash about seeding equipment

SeedMaster, a brand that often gives farmers a glimpse of its new technologies, chose to show a mockup of its one-row drill concept at Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina in June. “It’s something that we’re working with, testing a few ideas on how to better improve residue flow through a machine, but also how […] Read more

SeedMaster’s Norbert Beaujot sees DOT technology as one solution to a shortage of skilled operators.

Not just a driverless tractor, but no tractor at all

A global launch at Ag in Motion could change the way you farm

While farmers have been waiting impatiently for equipment designers to commercialize the driverless tractor, Prairie inventor and entrepreneur Norbert Beaujot has found a way to ditch the tractor altogether. And he’s rolling it out for the first time in July 18 to 20 at Ag in Motion (AIM), Western Canada’s outdoor farm show now in […] Read more

On display during Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina, a mock up of the new meter design stands beside a computer CAD image that shows what a full-scale version will look like.

SeedMaster updates the UltraPro meter

The UltraPro II on-frame meter is slated for production on 2017 model year drills

Although SeedMaster’s Nova SmartCarts offer a typical bulk metering system using distribution towers to get product to drill openers, the brand’s president and founder Norbert Beaujot is a fan of Individual row metering when it comes to placing seed. Individual row metering significantly reduces the variability in product flow that occurs with bulk metering systems […] Read more

A pivot point in the opener arm allows the packer wheel to settle into the proper position in the seed trench, even when making turns in the field. 

Furrow-finding packer tire

SeedMaster offers an optional pivoting opener arm

Getting good seed-to-soil contact is critical in ensuring a high germination rate when seeding. On most air drills with independent row openers, the job of ensuring that contact happens falls to the trailing packer wheel. But there are some conditions which can cause a fixed packer wheel to run slightly off the seed row, such […] Read more

The Nova Flex fertilizer applicator mates to any Nova SmartCart and allows growers to apply granular fertilizer other than during seeding.

Flex fertilizer applicator expands use of Nova carts

With more and more farmers looking to apply fertilizer blends other than during seeding, spreader boxes and floaters are garnering more interest in the marketplace. But SeedMaster engineers think they have developed a product that allows producers to do that job without making another relatively large machinery investment. The brand introduced its Nova Flex applicator […] Read more

“Tuneable” distribution towers are a key feature made possible by adopting the new XeedSystem flow monitoring system.

XeedSystem and “tuneable” towers improve distribution

New features even out product delivery on SeedMaster Nova cart bulk metering system

Walking through the SeedMaster R&D shop, company president Norbert Beaujot stops beside a group of distribution towers that includes one of his company’s along with some competing models currently on the market. He explains the testing work company engineers have done on them to determine how well they distribute product to openers. “The thing we […] Read more

Norbert Beaujot, president of SeedMaster, explains a test procedure inside the company’s R&D shop.

A look behind the scenes

Grainews was invited into the SeedMaster R&D shop

The seeding equipment industry saw a flood of innovations come to market in recent years when farm commodity prices were hitting all-time highs. But this season, many brand exhibits at ag shows seemed pretty tame compared to what was on display two or three years ago. Some companies had a few new features to show, […] Read more

SeedMaster’s Windows-based, 8-inch Axis Tablet comes with five cameras to aid in implement control.

New digital technology from SeedMaster

Axis Tablet provides video implement monitoring and online access

With seeding equipment as large and complex as it is, using remote cameras to monitor critical systems has become one of the most efficient ways to ensure everything is functioning as it should. Waiting until a refill stop to find a problem could mean leaving a lot of unseeded strips. Reseeding them is a real […] Read more