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AGI’s new Storm Pro is highway-towable and complies with 
Agrichemical Warehousing Standards Association guidelines.

Seed treatment equipment for large operations

Company representatives showing their farm-scale seed treatment equipment during Bayer’s SeedGrowth Solutions Expo in Saskatoon this spring also had information and treatment systems on display for operations treating larger volumes. AGI launched its Storm Pro, a new commercial applicator, in 2017. “It’s fast. It’s designed to go from bin to bin, yard to yard, quickly, […] Read more

Lisa and Renny Grilz took over the business in 2001.

Blazing Star Wildflower Seed Company

Family business grows native wildflowers and heirloom veggies and markets the seeds

When Renny Grilz’s parents started the Blazing Star Wildflower Seed Company as a farm diversification project in 1992, they didn’t anticipate the interest and success the business would generate. “They were one of the first companies offering wildflower seeds native to Western Canada and did extremely well for the first couple of years. Then the […] Read more

If any fusarium is detected in seed, Bruce Carrier recommends using a seed treatment, regardless of the soil conditions.

Testing cereal seed before spring seeding

Test results show low quality in cereal seed submitted to labs for 2017 planting

Durum in Saskatchewan has been a “complete disaster” for the third year running. That was Bruce Carriere’s grim assessment at the Bayer SeedGrowth Solutions Expo in Saskatoon this spring. Carriere, president of Discovery Seed Labs in Saskatoon, said Saskatchewan durum growers usually have a year carry-over of seed. “They used that last year,” he said. […] Read more

Poor quality cereal seed on deck for 2017

Cereal quality is down across the Prairies, but pulse and soybean seed looks good for 2017

Farmers across the Prairies will remember 2016 as the year when they had frequent, above-average moisture right through the growing season, delaying both seeding and harvest in many cases. All that moisture means there will be some poor quality cereal seed around for the 2017 season, although the quality of pulses like peas and fava […] Read more

How do I interpret my seed test?

Know what you’re looking for before you take your seed to the lab for spring testing

Following a wet growing season that caused all kinds of disease issues across the Prairies, which reduced the quality of cereal seed in all three provinces, seed testing is coming to the forefront as seed growers and farmers want to find out what they can expect from their seed for the upcoming season. “Although everyone […] Read more

Start your own hybrid Guelph Millennium asparagus from seed. Plants have good cold tolerance 
and produce high yields of very uniform 100 per cent male spears.

Start asparagus plants from seeds

Singing Gardener: Plus, what is Paruresis and some tips if you have it

Late March and early April are the times of year I begin scratching around the soil to see what’s popping up besides dandelions and daffodils. Depending on weather, I may soon plant, or will have already planted a short row or two of radish seeds in a sunny sheltered microclimate spot. I share a short excerpt from […] Read more

CDC Greenwater was first released in 2014 and is showing strong yield potential.

The newest in pulses

Varieties to watch for in coming years

Pulse breeders at the University of Saskatchewan’s Crop Development Centre (CDC) are constantly working on developing new varieties with improved yield, disease and weed resistance and tolerance, and other desirable attributes. They are also constantly working on getting these new varieties tested and into the hands of Saskatchewan growers as soon as they are ready. […] Read more

Testing for seed quality

At the grower meetings and events I’ve been to in the last few months, one topic on everyone’s mind is poor seed quality coming out of the challenging 2016 growing season. Last season had excessive moisture, high humidity and heavy disease pressure across most areas. Factor in an extended fall that brought cooler temperatures, and […] Read more

A bertha armyworm gets its fill on a canola seed pod.

Controlling bugs with seed treatments

Technology has given western Canadian farmers access to a wide range of options when it comes to insect control in canola. Crucifer and striped flea beetles, wireworm, cutworm, root maggot, cabbage seedpod weevil, bertha armyworm and diamondback moth are just some insect pests that can be particularly problematic for both crop health and farmers’ bottom […] Read more