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Farm suppliers race COVID-19 spread for planting season

Winnipeg/Chicago | Reuters — North America’s biggest farm suppliers are accelerating shipments of fertilizer, seeds and agricultural chemicals to crop-growing regions in an unprecedented race against the coronavirus that threatens to disrupt planting season. The timing could not be worse for farmers preparing to plant crops. Disruptions in deliveries of fertilizer, seeds or chemicals could […] Read more

Prairie elevators’ staff aim for on-site distancing

Cargill, P+H elevators stay open but with arm's-length approach

At least two Prairie grain handling firms plan to continue taking deliveries from farmers during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic — but to make the process as touchless as possible. Cargill, in a email to customers Wednesday, said its Canadian grain elevators, crush plants and ag input retail sites will remain open for deliveries and pickups, […] Read more

A significant share of the money collected for varieties needs to be reinvested in varietal testing.

Paying more, getting more

As we sign up to pay more for seed, we must make sure we get a return on our investment

The discussion around seed royalty is now official. The question is not, “Will we have a seed royalty?” The question is, “Which system is going to be implemented?” The options have been defined and the choice is between two payment plans, which will likely boil down to one: EPR, or end point royalty, a charge […] Read more

Choosing a new seed variety

Q & A with Nutrien Ag Solutions

Q: What factors should I consider when selecting new seed varieties? A: If you’re thinking about a new seed variety on your farm, don’t let yield be the only deciding factor. Selecting a top yielder is important but remember to look at other agronomic factors as well. One of the factors that should be considered […] Read more

One challenge for farmers when using concentrate products is that they may be unsure about treating a large volume of seed with what seems like a small amount of product.

Getting more seed treatment from less

More seed treatments are coming in concentrated, 
ready-to-use, easy-to-handle formats

Allan Anderson is a big fan of concentrated seed treatments. “I would love to see every single product as a concentrate because that allows so much flexibility with overall application,” says Anderson, senior seed growth specialist with Bayer. Anderson thinks that more concentrate products will enter the seed treatment market as formulations and active ingredients […] Read more

Richardson buying two Alberta crop input retailers

Two independent crop input retailers in northeastern Alberta will become part of Richardson Pioneer’s ag retail chain starting Friday. Richardson on Monday announced it will buy Webb’s Crop Services Ltd. at Vermilion and Agro Guys Inc. at Forestburg, about 165 km southwest of Vermilion, for undisclosed sums. Both deals are expected to close Thursday, with […] Read more

AGI’s new Storm Pro is highway-towable and complies with 
Agrichemical Warehousing Standards Association guidelines.

Seed treatment equipment for large operations

Company representatives showing their farm-scale seed treatment equipment during Bayer’s SeedGrowth Solutions Expo in Saskatoon this spring also had information and treatment systems on display for operations treating larger volumes. AGI launched its Storm Pro, a new commercial applicator, in 2017. “It’s fast. It’s designed to go from bin to bin, yard to yard, quickly, […] Read more

Lisa and Renny Grilz took over the business in 2001.

Blazing Star Wildflower Seed Company

Family business grows native wildflowers and heirloom veggies and markets the seeds

When Renny Grilz’s parents started the Blazing Star Wildflower Seed Company as a farm diversification project in 1992, they didn’t anticipate the interest and success the business would generate. “They were one of the first companies offering wildflower seeds native to Western Canada and did extremely well for the first couple of years. Then the […] Read more