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Jarrett Jackson is an agronomist and market development representative for Bayer Crop Science. Demonstration plots across Western Canada serve several purposes, he says, such as to showcase new Dekalb varieties or illustrate different agronomic treatments. Also, research plots are monitored and harvested to provide data that will be used to support registration of new varieties as well as the performance of new chemistries, fungicides and seed treatments.

New crop protection products and varieties from Bayer and Dekalb

Corn, soybean and canola varieties debuted as well as Buteo Start, Proline Gold and more

With the 2020 research and demonstration plot season wrapped up except for the final number crunching, Bayer Crop Science is planning to increase its product offering to western Canadian farmers in 2021 with several new corn, soybean and canola varieties, and potentially some effective new crop protection products now in the approval pipeline. Demonstration sites, […] Read more

Choosing a new seed variety

Choosing a new seed variety

Q & A with Nutrien Ag Solutions

Q: What factors should I consider when selecting new seed varieties? A: If you’re thinking about a new seed variety on your farm, don’t let yield be the only deciding factor. Selecting a top yielder is important but remember to look at other agronomic factors as well. One of the factors that should be considered […] Read more

New oilseed and soybean varieties for 2018

New oilseed and soybean varieties for 2018

XTend soybeans have become a standard part of the soybean variety portfolio

In August the Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association surveyed retail companies about their experience with the herbicide dicamba in the 2017 growing season. Of the 124 respondents (including some head offices with several branches), more than 80 per cent said they’d seen dicamba damage in soybean fields adjacent to where soybeans were sprayed, although they […] Read more

Find the right cereal variety for your farm

Agronomy tips... from the field

Variety selection in cereals, like every crop in your rotation, is one of your first and most important management decisions. Each variety is unique, as are the growing conditions on your farm. A variety’s performance is going to vary across environments due to many factors, including soil type, precipitation, fertility, temperature, planting date, pest infestations, […] Read more

Marcel van Staveren (left), shown here along with his harvest crew, has already planned out most of his acres for 2016.

Seeding decisions made, now waiting for spring

Farmers planning to hold their rotations steady with no major swings

Now that combines are shut down for the season, western Canadian farmers have a pretty good idea of what they will be growing in 2016, say producers contacted for the November Farmer Panel. They all plan to leave a bit of room for last-minute decisions — depending on markets and spring seeding conditions — but […] Read more

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Canada ratifies UPOV ’91 seed treaty

Canadian crop commodity groups are hailing the federal government’s move to ratify Canada’s participation in the international UPOV ’91 treaty as a signal the country is “open for national and international investment.” Canada’s representatives to the World Trade Organization, on Friday in Geneva, deposited the government’s “instrument of ratification” for the 1991 Act of the […] Read more

Fusarium symptoms: The seed on the left is healthy; the seed on the right is infected with the fungal disease.

Resisting fusarium head blight

Plant breeders are making progress in developing wheat 
varieties that are resistant, but it’s a marathon, not a sprint

There’s been a lot of effort put into breeding fusarium-resistant varieties, Dr. Anita Brûlé-Babel told CropSphere delegates in Saskatoon in January. But developing cereal varieties resistant to fusarium head blight (FHB) is more like a marathon than a sprint. “There’s been a lot of breeding challenges. And I know a lot of farmers have been […] Read more

wheat heads

Look beyond your yield

Agronomy tips... from the field

When it comes to cereal seed selection, it’s easy to default to the variety with the highest provincial average yield. But what’s good province-wide might not be best for your farm. Instead, decide are what the most important attributes to you. Besides yield, is it protein, fusarium head blight (FHB) tolerance, rust tolerance, lodging, maturity […] Read more

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New corn varieties for 2015

Early maturing varieties are pushing corn into new growing regions

UPDATED, NOV. 20, 2014 – Soybeans aren’t the only crops pushing into new areas. Seed companies are releasing more early-maturing corn varieties again this year, in a bid to expand the growing region. Some of the thriftiest new varieties, in terms of corn heat units, include DuPont Pioneer’s P7332R (2050 corn heat units) and P7410HR […] Read more