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Good crop rotation allows canola residue that may be harbouring blackleg pathogen to decompose in the field.

Does it pay to spray fungicide for blackleg?

When you’re looking to guard your canola against blackleg, does it pay to spray a fungicide? The short answer is yes — especially if you’re running a tight canola-wheat rotation. Short rotations put you at the highest risk of developing a blackleg infection, since the fungus can overwinter on diseased canola stubble year over year […] Read more

When it comes to crop insects, what’s the latest buzz on the Prairies?

The right treatment and spray strategies will give you the best line of defence

Every new production season arrives with its own set of profit-munching insect challenges. Grasshoppers, wheat midge and sawfly can wreak havoc in cereal crops while flea beetles and bertha armyworm take their toll on the canola. The list keeps growing, and the ability of these pests to adapt to changing conditions is nothing short of […] Read more

Seed treatments maximize potential

Agronomy tips... from the field

Seed treatments can’t walk on water, but they’ll help to enhance the existing seed quality that you have. That’s why it’s very important to select the highest-quality seed you can possibly get. A good start to the year will put you in the best position to maximize the genetic potential of your pulse crop. If […] Read more

Five tips to get your seed off to the right start

Seed growth specialist Nick Petruic has 5 tips for getting your seed off to the right start

Nick Petruic is a seed growth specialist for Bayer, based at Avonlea, Sask. He likes to remind his customers that it doesn’t matter how much nitrogen you’ve put on or how weed-free your field is if your seed doesn’t get out of the ground. Petruic has five tips for getting your seed off to the […] Read more

Six ways to reduce early season seed stress

While not all factors can be controlled, there are ways to reduce early season stress on your crops

There are many ways to reduce early season stress on emergence, starting with planting date,” says Aaron Miller, an agronomist with DuPont Pioneer. Here are six. 1. Planting date “While planting early offers potential benefits, it also presents some challenges,” says Aaron Miller. “A well prepared seedbed along with the right temperature (close to 10 C) […] Read more