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Swedish machinery manufacturer Väderstad believes singulation provided by its PowerShoot technology could be the solution that significantly improves canola establishment in Western Canada.

Väderstad makes canola seed singulation possible

PowerShoot technology offers precision, improved canola stand establishment

Canola seed’s small size makes it sensitive to deep seeding. Both uniform placement and depth tend to improve emergence and seedling survival rates, which is crucial considering the high cost of seed. It’s not just about seed cost, though. It’s about creating a better environment to produce a stronger crop. Swedish machinery manufacturer Väderstad believes […] Read more

Capped with snow, but is it all ready to go?

Getting your air seeder ready for spring

Travis Warkentin checks over an air seeder by following the flow of the seed

How many tries is it going to take me this year to get the tractor and air seeder hitch lined up perfectly, so the pin just drops right in? Our farm uses a John Deere 1895 disk drill and 1910 commodity cart. A common machine on the Prairies. Most air seeder manufacturers make a disk […] Read more

Farming Smarter has been looking at the potential of precision planters for grain, pulse and oilseed crops for several years.

Precision planter research is encouraging

Still many questions about how it would fit for grains, pulses and oilseed crops

Southern Alberta researchers say there is increasing evidence that seeding a wide range of western Canadian field crops with a vacuum or precision planter makes sense, but they need co-operative weather to prove it. That’s how Ken Coles and Lewis Baarda with the Lethbridge-based Farming Smarter applied research organization sum up results of several years […] Read more

Seed Hawk and its parent company Väderstad look to grow interest in using a planter for canola seeding by developing a one-pass planter-air cart combination.

Seed Hawk blends technologies into new planting unit

The brand is developing a one-pass canola-planting rig

At the Ag in Motion farm show near Langham, Saskatchewan, Seed Hawk had a concept canola planter unit on display. And this one is a little different than most of the other planters on the market. It blends the big fertilizer capacity of an air cart with the precision seed placement offered by a planter […] Read more

Vaderstad has added a 24-row version to its Tempo planter line. It’s designed specifically for planting small-seeded crops like canola. It’s available in 12, 16, 18 and 24 row versions with spacings from 17.7 to 20 inches.

Vaderstad debuts ‘small seed’ planter

The 24-row Tempo L24 is designed to meet needs of canola growers

At Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina last year, Vaderstad (the Swedish company that now owns Saskatchewan-based Seed Hawk) debuted the newest version of its Tempo planter line, the L24. The brand calls it their “next generation high-speed planter,” because it’s designed specifically for use with small-seeded crops like canola. “This is the first edition […] Read more

Morris has replaced its C2 Contour air drill with the new Quantum, which debuted at 
farm shows this summer.

PHOTOS: A ‘Quantum’ leap for Morris

The brand introduces the new Quantum as both a drill and a tillage implement

At the 2018 edition of the Ag in Motion farm show at Langham, Saskatchewan, Morris Industries had a new drill to take centre stage at its display, the Quantum. Although the Quantum drill put in an earlier public appearance in Regina in June at Canada’s Farm Progress Show, the brand picked the Ag in Motion […] Read more

Horsch introduces the Panther 460 SC

Horsch introduces the Panther 460 SC

The Company debuts a new drill and commodity cart

Horsch recently announced it has introduced a new seed drill and commodity cart combination for the 2018 seeding season. The Panther 460 SC, 60-foot drill offers row spacings of 7.5, 15 and 30 inches, with shanks mounted on a four-row toolbar for maximum residue clearance. The Panther is designed to mate with Horscah’s own SW600 […] Read more

Running a 24-hour seeding operation

Running a 24-hour seeding operation

Once the drill is parked, Terry Aberhart takes time to look back at his seeding schedule

With the crop in the ground by late May and rainshowers moving in, Terry Aberhart says the post-seeding season will be a good time to think about how they will be approaching plans for the 2017 crop year on their east-central Saskatchewan farm. Aberhart, who along with family members operates Aberhart Farms at Langenburg, near […] Read more