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Take a stand against Rhizoctonia

No matter what you’re planning to grow this season — be it soybeans, canola or pulses — protecting that crop from Rhizoctonia and ensuring a good, strong stand establishment should be your first priority. I’ve seen many situations where Rhizoctonia infections in fields have caused seed rot and decay, pre and post emergence damping off, […] Read more

Soybeans, says Tenuta, are infected early in the season, although visible symptoms will not appear until the later reproductive stages.

Seed decay in Prairie soybeans

Phomopsis seed decay is the number one soybean problem in Ontario. 
Now it’s this disease-causing fungi may be coming to a field near you

Phomopsis seed decay is the No. 1 problem in soybeans in Ontario, says Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food plant pathologist Albert Tenuta. “The Prairie provinces are also starting to see some phomopsis issues as well,” he says. “Anywhere in the northern climate where you’ve got some delay of harvest, particularly under cooler weather conditions […] Read more