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New canola varieties for the 2020 crop year

There are 27 new canola varieties hitting the market for Western Canada

When Grainews asked seed companies about their new canola offerings for 2020, they came up with a list of 24 new varieties! And, keep in mind, these are only the varieties that are brand new for 2020. You might still be investigating new offerings from 2019 and 2018 as well. Many of these varieties include […] Read more

New soybean varieties for 2019

An embarrassment of choices: 36 new soybean varieties on sale for spring 2019

Anyone planning to grow soybeans next spring has a lot of reading ahead. When we asked all the seed companies we could find to tell us about the new varieties coming forward for 2019, they sent us information for about 36 new varieties. Comparing all these new varieties, along with all of the other recent […] Read more

Dow Seeds, D-Series and Nexera canola will be marketed under the Brevant brand.

Corteva builds on Dow/Dupont foundation

New seed and crop protection company has a one-track mind — agriculture

Following the merger of DuPont and Dow, western Canadian farmers won’t see any major changes for the next year or so, but be ready for Corteva Agriscience — it will be the new name delivering some familiar products, with promises of more and better things to come. The Delaware-based Corteva Agriscience won’t fully take to […] Read more

FP Genetics promises profits with certified CWRS seed

FP Genetics is offering you a 
guaranteed profit if you’ll put your 
bin run CWRS seed back in the bin

It’s folly that somebody uses bin run seed,” said Rod Merryweather, CEO of FP Genetics. “They’re just not using the newest technology.” Through FP Genetics’ new guarantee program, Merryweather hopes to persuade farmers to buy more certified seed. There may be room to increase the market for certified seed. Currently, 80 per cent of Western […] Read more