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I wanted to let people know what we did on our grain farm and why.

The other side of the ‘agvocacy’ world

Nurse Loves Farmer: An attempt to fill a knowledge gap turned into a backlash of criticism against me

A few years ago I started “agvocating” for agriculture. I saw a gap that needed to be filled in the mommy blogging and food blogging worlds, as they desperately wanted to be more connected to where their food came from. The assumptions, the myths and the fear that was being spread in these communities made […] Read more

Because of a concerned blog reader, our baby was diagnosed and had 
surgery for a rare skull disorder.

A reader diagnosed our baby

When a woman saw Jonathan’s photo she realized that he had the same skull problems as her daughter

If there’s one single reason to make the years worth blogging, even among all the hateful, nasty, rude emails and comments I have received, it was when a blog reader emailed me and diagnosed our baby with a rare skull defect. I have dubbed that email one of the greatest blessings of our life. I […] Read more

How to have the perfect seeding baby

Nurse Loves Farmer: During seeding on the farm may not be the best time to have a baby but it all worked out

Ever since we had our second baby boy after harvest in 2012, I wondered if we would have just one more. Maybe we’d get a little girl to add to our family, or maybe we were just perfect as we were with our two little boys. We hemmed and hawed for 2-1/2 years unable to […] Read more

When Sarah Schultz married her farmer she left her familiar city life for life on a grain farm.

My struggles as a farmwife

I wouldn’t change my life for anything but I didn’t truly know what I was getting into

In marriage we leave our parents and become one with our spouse. As women, we more often than not take their last names and join their families — especially so in the farming communities. In my case, I left behind a life in the city of Edmonton that I really loved, a job in the […] Read more