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Salford introduced a prototype 20 ton air boom spreader during Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina in June.

New air-boom spreader from Salford

A customer request for an air boom leads Salford to develop an entirely new model

A prototype air-boom spreader on display at Salford’s Canada’s Farm Progress Show exhibit in Regina was the result of the brand deciding to accommodate a special request from a customer, says Dave King, the company’s director of sales and marketing. “Last year at this show we were showing a MagnaSpread big spreader and we also had […] Read more

Salford’s BBI dry product spreaders will now be available with a section control feature to minimize overlap.

Section control on BBI spreaders

Salford’s BBI dry spreaders can now work from prescription maps

At last year’s Canada’s Farm Progress Show, Salford Group announced it had acquired spreader manufacturer BBI and displayed one of the brand’s models at its exhibit for the first time. In February, Salford announced BBI dry product spreaders will now be available with a section control feature to minimize overlap. That, says the company, will […] Read more

Salford buys tillage equipment maker AerWay

Southwestern Ontario vertical tillage and pasture equipment maker AerWay has become part of another well-known Ontario ag equipment manufacturer. Salford Group announced in December it has bought the AerWay advanced aeration products line from the Canadian trailer systems arm of German truck, bus and trailer axle and suspension manufacturer SAF-Holland. AerWay, which operates a manufacturing […] Read more

The I-2200 vertical tillage implement (shown here) and the I-4200 hybrid are new designs. They have heavier frames and more discs per foot than the company’s existing models to provide a finer field finish.

Salford introduces new tillage implements

Among Salford’s several new-product launches at Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina were two new tillage implement models, the 1-2200 and I-4200. According to Anson Boak, Salford’s marketing manger, these two machines are the result of several years of R&D with the existing I Series vertical tillage models. “It started in 2011 and culminated in […] Read more

Salford introduced its 945 bushel AC4000L air cart in Regina in June. It can be configured to work with both dry and liquid fertilizer.

New air cart has liquid N option

Salford’s AC4000 Series air carts can be ordered with both dry and liquid fertilizer systems

Applying liquid rather than granular nitrogen in the spring has become a pretty popular choice among western Canadian growers. For most, though, that has meant adding another cart equipped with a liquid tank to an already long train of equipment behind the tractor in order to make a seeding pass. Now, however, growers can get a single […] Read more

A vertical tillage implement set up to seed could  give  farmers  a  chance  to  get  winter  wheat  into  the  ground  successfully  when  conditions  are  tough.

Vertical seeding

A vertical tillage implement may make an ideal seeder for winter 
wheat when conditions are tough — and when they’re good

Fields in much of Southern Saskatchewan still saturated late into October posed a problem for anyone trying to seed winter wheat. Equipment manufacturer Salford thinks one of its implements, a vertical tillage tool, provides the ideal solution to exactly that problem. But not in the way you might expect. Jim Boak, sales manager for Salford […] Read more