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The 2019 rebate roundup

Just cashed your rebate cheque from 2018? 
Find out what’s new for this year

Once again, it’s time for the Grainews annual rebate roundup. For most farmers, rebate programs aren’t the main factor in the decision-making process. A rebate program falls far behind factors like choosing the right product, buying from a retailer you like, and of course the actual price. But, everyone likes a rebate! Especially when the […] Read more

The annual rebate roundup: 2018

Get the most for your hard-earned input dollars by understanding these cash-back plans

Once again, it’s time for the Grainews annual rebate roundup. We’ve talked to experts at 11 different companies to ask what they’re offering in the way of cash-back savings for the 2018 growing season. Three of these companies have no special rebate programs, some have simple programs, and some companies have rebate programs with so […] Read more

Farmers like grower rebate programs

Everyone likes a little free cash from those input rebates. But is it really free?

Grower programs offer cash rebates or other rewards against purchases of crop inputs such as seed and chemicals. How much producers receive back usually depends on how much product and, in some cases, the combination of products they buy from a specific company. Some could argue that in essence, the farmer has already paid for […] Read more